GLUE TOOLS releases Cineon/DPX Pro v2.5.5


Last Updated: July 17, 2007 6:47 pm GMT
(Santa Barbara, CA -- July 17, 2007) GLUE TOOLS releases Cineon/DPX Pro v2.5.5 with Gamma Shifting fixes, Batch Importing, and Import Speed Improvements.

Glue Tools has released v2.5.5 of its Cineon and DPX QuickTime Components. This new release includes a host of fixes to the software to improve usability and reliability.

Since version 2.5.2, the software has evolved to include new features including Batch Importing via the Final Cut Pro Import plugins, Gamma shifting compensation
when exporting frames, and massive speed improvements when importing 20,000 frames or more. Support for Time Code in QuickTime Player has also been improved, along
with better Metadata and Time Code Reel Name support. Documentation has also been updated to include tips for using DPX frames with Final Cut Pro 6, and Apple's new Color package.

Glue Tools has also adopted a USB Hardware Key system for licensing. This system allows users to move their licenses from machine to machine with ease. As a result, users that need to upgrade their hardware can easily move their license without assistance from Glue Tools. This system also allows for a network license server capability. Facilities can now purchase site licenses, without needing to license each individual machine.

The existing features have also been improved and optimized as well to increase playback performance. 3D-LUT conversion speeds, Log-Lin conversions and Alpha Channel support have all seen performance gains. Alpha Channel support has also been expanded to support 10-bit RGBA images that are often exported from packages such as Shake.

This upgrade is free to existing 2.5.x owners.

The Cineon file format is a widely used digital film image format which was developed by Kodak for the Feature Film industry. The DPX digital image file format was developed by SMPTE and is used heavily in the Feature Film and High Definition broadcast industries for production.

Products are now available as one of two packages:
GlueTools Cineon/DPX Pro + FCP - $399
GlueTools Cineon/DPX Pro - $249

Site Licenses and Networked License Servers are also available. Contact us for details.

License Holders of previous versions will be able to upgrade at a reduced price.

For more information, visit:
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About Glue Tools:
Glue Tools is a software company based in Santa Barbara, California. Its products range from QuickTime Components, to other "Glue Code" applications that add functionality to existing Operating Systems or Software Packages. Glue Tools focuses on creating essential utilities and developing plugins for existing software technologies.


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