Ad Biz Has a New Way to 'Trackdown Music' for Spots


Industry Vet Korbin Kraus Launches Revolutionary Database/Service Dedicated to Searching and Securing Music Originally Created Specifically for Spots

Last Updated: July 18, 2007 3:39 am GMT
(HOLLYWOOD, July 17, 2007) Typically, music companies compete to deliver the perfect track for a spot as work-for-hire composers. Also common is the process of licensing existing music created by recording artists. offers the ad community an entirely new approach to finding music for spots.

Founded by longtime advertising industry EP/Former Music House Owner Korbin Kraus*, is atypical in that this web-based resource and service works with music companies rather than pitting them against one other. represents the unsold catalogues of award-winning music houses, ghost writers, film and TV composers, and independent songwriters and bands who wish to sell and/or license their music to advertisers.

The database/service also features custom video software that allows users to upload their spot and audition pre-categorized music from the site against it. Users can also create emailable playlists of their selections that can be heard instantly when opened by the recipient. has a growing catalogue of over 8,000 tracks, with composers hand-selected by Kraus. All tracks are listed anonymously to keep the playing field level and allow the music to stand on its own merit with no perceived predispositions one way or another about where or by whom the track was created.

"Many of these pieces were originally created with the purpose of marrying music to :30 and :60 picture, which is a surprisingly difficult and highly specialized art form. It's kind of like writing War and Peace in Haiku," Kraus explained. "To finally have a resource that basically allows agency creatives to be their own music supervisor....this is big news for producers looking to lower their production costs and simplify the way they find and secure top-quality, hand-selected tracks."

The unique and innovative service obviates the need to navigate through countless "creative" websites and stacks of composer CD's looking for the right track. Users can also call Kraus early in their selection process to place a track on hold for an agreed-upon amount of time to assure that it will still be available for purchase when the presentation, editing or test period is completed.

All information concerning purchase vs. exclusive licensing, along with potential talent contract requirements for each track, are available online. Kraus can also facilitate any unique track modifications that may be required and perform music searches on behalf of the agency as requested.

"The current climate is about finding fast, innovative and efficient ways to serve advertisers," Kraus concluded. " was born of that spirit."

*In his 20 years in the ad biz, the last 10 of which were as co-owner of an A-level production company in Santa Monica, California, Korbin has produced and written lyrics, music and arrangements on over 3,500 commercials.

Working with over 300 domestic and international advertising agencies and production companies, creating numerous Clio, AICP, BMI, and other award-winning spots for McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Isuzu, Adidas, Mountain Dew and Nike (including the acclaimed "Heritage" spot) to name a few, along with the theme to the hit syndicated TV show "Just Shoot Me," Korbin ran the ad and TV production departments while overseeing the creative output of the company.


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