JVC ProHD GY-HD110 is Camera of Choice for PARRODOXX PICTURES


Last Updated: July 23, 2007 9:51 pm GMT
(July 23, 2007) After working in broadcast news for nine years, Kevin Martells decided it was time to take his career in a new direction once he saw JVC's ProHD GY-HD110 camera. Martells went out and bought the camera and started his own production company, Parrodoxx Pictures.

According to Martells, "The GY-HD110 is the perfect camera for me because of its ENG style, size and versatility. I don't loose a step in my shooting ability as a professional videographer. And I love that I can shoot in different frame rates."

Martells uses his GY-HD110 for corporate videos, documentaries, broadcast news, TV shows, music videos, sporting events and weddings. "The GY-HD110 is excellent for sporting events when you have to follow players in action. It's also perfect for capturing the perfect shot during a press conference after a huge game when you're in a media frenzy. The ability to adjust your settings to create the perfect color temperature for a shot, gives JVC an advantage over its competitors," stated Martells.

Martells also likes that fact that he can just plug the GY-HD110 into a satellite truck and it's ready for shooting in seconds. "Whenever I have to shoot on the fly, the camera performs flawlessly. All the video on my website was shot with the JVC GY-HD110," said Martells. "This is a real camera for real shooters. The GY-HD110 has made my dreams of working for myself possible. I just want to say thanks to JVC for creating such an awesome product," Martells further added.

For more information about Parrodoxx Pictures, visit http://www.parrodoxx.com

For more information about JVC's ProHD Series cameras, visit http://pro.jvc.com


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