Band Pro Delivers CineAlta


Last Updated: July 27, 2007 9:48 pm GMT
Band Pro Film & Digital has delivered Clairmont Camera’s first six new Sony F23 CineAlta™ cameras. One of the most well-respected rental houses in the industry, Clairmont has offices in Hollywood, Toronto and Vancouver and is renowned for its extensive range of cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Clairmont expects to increase its F23 inventory again soon.

According to owner Denny Clairmont, "Until the F23 came along, cameras in the 2/3-inch chip world were designed very much like ENG digital cameras. The Sony F23 has been designed like a film camera. It is very operator friendly. And all the test footage I've seen looks remarkable. Even with the gain set at 12 dB, the equivalent of ASA 2000, it was virtually noiseless. Add to that the ability to dock a recorder on the top or rear of the camera, and you have a versatile unit that can be used in studio, handheld or Steadicam modes. It's a winner!"

The Sony F23 is an all-new camera system designed to meet the highest production demands of the television, commercial and cinema markets. The system offers full bandwidth 4:4:4 capture with in-camera variable frame rates from 1-60fps at 1080p recorded on-board to the SRW-1 deck. The new Sony F23 is offered for sale by Sony and through its CineAlta Premiere reseller, Band Pro Film & Digital. Band Pro is a leading supplier of high-end digital production technology.

For more information on the new Sony F23, contact Michael Bravin at Band Pro Film & Digital, 3403 West Pacific Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505, Phone: 818/841-9655, Fax: 818/841-7649, e-mail:


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