EditShare and Cutting Edge Score C&T Award for Best Tapeless Digital Workflow


Presented at SMPTE Australia 2007 -- Category Best Project/Facility Roll Out -- Reality Show Big Brother

Last Updated: August 17, 2007 1:16 am GMT
(Boston, MA -- August 16, 2007) EditShare™, the technology leader in cross platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, has taken home the C&T 2007 for best Tapeless Digital Workflow for a project/facility roll out.

Submitted in conjunction with Cutting Edge, Australia's largest privately owned post facility with locations in Brisbane and Sydney, won the coveted C&T Award for the widely popular reality TV show "Big Brother".

"We are delivering more than just a storage product-- we are rolling out solutions that enable businesses -- Post businesses -- to optimize their projects and resources," comments Paul Hayes of EditShare Australia. "Cutting Edge were quick to recognize the cost and workflow benefits our storage solutions provide."

About the EditShare/Cutting Edge Project Cutting Edge Managing Director Michael Burton proposed a tapeless workflow as a means to improve turnaround times for the fast paced reality TV shows. The transition to the tapeless workflow solved several critical issues and reduced overall costs of the operation. No longer did the team have to double handle media, digitize rushes for large reality series such as Big Brother. With EditShare editors have instant access to high resolution source material via Gigabit Ethernet networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cutting Edge / EditShare System Overview:
  • Integration of a Content Management System that includes live and proxy video generation, simple searching and basic timeline editing
  • Avid ALE generation and transfer to craft editing suites
  • Control of a EVS disk capture system, capturing 6 live feeds continually
  • Automatic transfer of 6 video streams to a 30TB EditShare system at set intervals.

The system was successfully used 24hrs a day for the three month Australian Big Brother 07 series. The EditShare workflow comprised of 10 Adrenaline suites and 10 proxy editing suites editing 2:1 realtime off the EditShare server.

About EditShare Solutions
From field to finish -- offline to uncompressed HD - EditShare products maximize media sharing and storage for multi-user editing environments. EditShare technology leverages the power and affordability of Gigabit Ethernet to offer seamless media sharing in a collaborative environment.

Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Boris FX, Canopus, Digidesign, Media 100, and Sony editors and compositors connected to an EditShare network have realtime access to a common pool of media files. Unlike standard SAN devices, EditShare technology supports file level sharing - allowing multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously. Regardless of application or platform, source material, work in progress and finished packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare network. The rules-driven workflow ensures that no data is ever overwritten or accidentally destroyed.

For more information, please visit EditShare at http://www.editshare.com.

About EditShare LLC
EditShare LLC is the pioneer of a new category of collaborative editing solutions designed for digital media workgroups and production companies. The EditShare system fuels the collaborative creative process for digital media artists by delivering high quality high performance and cost effective networked collaborative editing solutions. For more information, please visit http://www.editshare.com


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