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Last Updated: September 7, 2007 4:04 pm GMT
(SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Sept. 7, 2007) At IBC2007, Omneon expanded its Omneon Spectrum™ media server product line with the launch of a new line of modular I/O components, the MediaPort 6000 series.

The new line of MediaPorts further extends Omneon's support of HD production formats, building on the introduction earlier this year of the MediaPort 5300 series for HD MPEG 2. The first available Spectrum component in the new series is the MediaPort 6101, which provides real-time recording and playback of DVCPRO HD material, one of the most popular HD acquisition and edit formats deployed today. With the MediaPort 6101, broadcasters can easily integrate DVCPRO HD into existing workflows while at the same time protecting investments in field acquisition equipment.

"The addition of DVCPRO HD broadens Omneon support for HD production formats, and allows us to bring to that market all the advantages of the Spectrum system, including flexibility, scalability, and rock-solid reliability," said Geoff Stedman, vice president worldwide marketing at Omneon. "In one server platform, we are now supporting the major formats for the entire broadcast chain from acquisition through broadcast."

With the new MediaPort 6101, incoming raw video content can be encoded in real time, creating editable DVCPRO HD files within an Omneon Spectrum system. Files can also be transferred to an Omneon Spectrum system from DVCPRO HD compatible editors, such as Final Cut Pro. DVCPRO HD files can then be decoded by the MediaPort 6101 for on-air playback.

The new modular MediaPorts can be connected easily to any existing Spectrum server to add new DVCPRO HD functionality, and can be mixed with other Omneon MediaPorts for SD within the same system. The addition of a new MediaPort to an existing server requires no disruptive upgrade procedure and in most cases can be done while the system remains online.

Omneon MediaPorts are interface adapters for video, audio, timecode, and control, and are available to support a wide range of video compression formats. As with all Spectrum system components, MediaPorts can be included in initial configurations or added to servers already online. Omneon Spectrum systems can support multiple MediaPorts for multichannel and mixed format requirements.

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