FXhome releases new video converter software: VideoWrap


Last Updated: September 7, 2007 4:19 pm GMT
(Norwich, England, 7 September 2007) FXhome today released VideoWrap, a new multi-format video converter for Windows PCs and Apple Macs. The new iPod nano, classic and touch are fully supported as are iPhones, mobile phones, YouTube, games consoles and more, with VideoWrap providing easy, convenient and high quality video converting for beginners and experts.

FXhome, creators of the award-winning visual effects software EffectsLab Pro, has designed VideoWrap to make transferring videos between iPods, mobile phones, games consoles, computers and the Internet as easy as possible. Downloaded movies, TV episodes and music videos can all be prepared for different playback systems with VideoWrap ensuring ideal visual and audio quality, while filmmakers can ensure that their work is presented professionally, whether on the Web, at home or on the move.

A helpful and visually stylish interface makes converting videos a quick and easy process that requires no advanced technical knowledge. VideoWrap is the perfect solution to achieving the best possible viewing experience when showing music videos to friends on an iPod, presenting a movie trailer on a stylish webpage or watching HD videos on a PlayStation 3.

“There are so many different ways of watching videos these days,” said Simon Jones, Communications Manager at FXhome, “but there’s never been a single, easy and affordable way to get the best possible quality from each of them. We made VideoWrap so that anybody, expert or beginner, can get great results with zero difficulty. You don’t need to spend hours experimenting with intricate settings and multiple programs any more, because VideoWrap does it all for you.”

VideoWrap is available now from the FXhome.com website. As a special launch discount the first 500 purchases are available for just $49.99 (£29.99, €39.99). Subsequently the RRP will be $59.99 (£34.99, €49.99). Customers also receive free access to FXhome.com support and the online cinema, where independent filmmakers can show their movies to a massive worldwide audience.

For more information please visit http://fxhome.com/videowrap

ABOUT FXHOME – FXhome is a leading software developer and consultancy firm, specialising in visual effects, web design and bespoke third party solutions. Over six years of experience and an international team of experts has positioned FXhome as the provider of choice for software, filmmaking and online services.


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