New Design/Production Boutique Mrs. K Inspires Improvisation For HGTV's House Hunters Promo Campaign


Last Updated: September 27, 2007 2:21 pm GMT
(DENVER, CO) In the new promo campaign for HGTV's House Hunters, the show that takes viewers behind the scenes and into the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, recently-launched production/design boutique Mrs K ( and Creative Director Jeanne Kopeck cleverly focus on a variety of couple reactions to homes presented to spotlight the show's unique take at home buying.

"The House Hunters spot was entirely live action," explains Kopeck who directed the spot. "HGTV came to us with a general idea that they wanted to capture and some lines of dialogue, but it was really up to us and the actors to make it interesting. That was the fun part. We brought a lot of talent into the studio and shot them going through the lines and improvising. It was definitely a fun shoot for everybody."

In the spot a young woman joins her husband in their stylish living room to watch another episode. Even before she sits down, she is enthralled, letting out a long "cute" in response to what she sees. Proceeding in fast-paced, yet relaxed fashion, the spot reveals the positive and negative reactions of a diverse group of viewers; everything from "Huge closet!" to "What were they thinking?!" to "That place is ugly!" As the spot draws to a close, the rapt viewers try and guess which of three houses will be chosen.

The spot was shot entirely in HD, using an appropriately adapted 35mm camera lens. Combining the lens of a film camera with the convenience of tape was the best of both worlds for Mrs K and HGTV.

"HGTV wanted the spot to feel unstaged and raw," Kopeck explains. "At the same time, they wanted to maintain the elegance of film, so the combination worked very well. We ended up shooting enough footage for about thirty different spots like this. Since the clients were only looking for five spots, they were delighted to receive a large library of possibilities from which to choose."

About Mrs. K:
Who is Mrs. K? She's as much a 'real' person as anyone in this business. She's practical, plain-spoken and wildly creative. She cares a lot about what she does and has a simple desire to work with creative people - directors, writers, designers, producers and cinematographers. Mrs K works in a wide range of techniques including live action, 2D, 3D animation - guided by a simple belief that good design, strong story-telling and a full belly are important virtues. She's experienced. She's a dreamer and a doer. She makes stuff up and then she makes it happen. Her intimate yet wholesome relationship with post power-house Splice Here, Minneapolis, MN, brings an unprecedented level creative and technological capabilities to their clients. Physically the company is based in Denver, CO. Spiritually she lives wherever people hunger for beautiful imagery and a great hunk of pie. For more information visit


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