Fox Sports Net Taps Viewpoint Creative For Comprehensive Major League Baseball Branding Package


Last Updated: September 28, 2007 3:11 pm GMT
Agency Creates Signature Look For Network's 2007 MLB Coverage

(BOSTON, MA) On the heels of their successful work for Fox Sports Net's NBA coverage, the network has again turned to Viewpoint Creative, the creative agency specializing in entertainment and lifestyle brands, to create the comprehensive branding package for their coverage of Major League Baseball's 2007 season.

The package will air extensively in all 22 FSN's regions to promote specific games/match-ups throughout the season. In addition, Viewpoint Creative is currently working the branding campaign for Fox Sports Net's upcoming NHL coverage.

"Fox Sports likes ideas that are organically rooted, concepts that have some real element to it," said Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint's Executive Creative Director. "They always challenge us to elevate their sport franchises conceptually, without alienating the core viewership. To us the idea of a pitching machine seemed like a perfect metaphor for the grit and determination embodied by the game."

The key component to the package is a :30 spot that opens with an exterior shot that captures the charged atmosphere and excitement of an MLB stadium in the form of a souped-up batting cage. A shot of waving pennant flags and game lights flashing take us into the cage where a gloved hand turns on the pitching machine. From there, the camera zooms inside the greasy inner workings of the machine as its metal gears and chains come alive. Gritty footage of top players in action is intercut with the mechanical forces inside the pitching machine. Each wind-up of the pitching arm captures both the tension and anticipation of the game and the showdown between pitcher and batter that is at the heart of baseball.

For Fox's Writer/Producer, Max Wanger, it was important that the overall environment and atmosphere look as dynamic as possible. "Max wanted to make sure that the sky environment looked as incredible and real as the machine itself," says David Shilale, Executive Producer for Viewpoint. "Many of the scenes were shot on green screen or the sky was completely replaced. Park lights were also added later to give it an authentic "ballpark" feel."

Viewpoint Creative Director of Design, Joseph Kiely noted the challenge to create the heightened reality of a baseball. "We wanted viewers to feel of the menace of the machine and the power of major league pitching," said Kiely. "We also wanted to capture that feeling of pure baseball that mingles excitement, action and fun. In the end, we achieved something that captures the excitement of the pitcher- batter duel while still relishing the fun of the game."

Adds Middeleer, "Our relationship with Fox Sports Net is a good one. We understand who they are as a brand and to their credit they've challenged us with great assignments that test us on a number of levels. It's a challenge we love."

About Viewpoint Creative:
With offices in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA, and 19 years experience, the award-winning creative agency Viewpoint Creative has built a well-earned reputation for its ability to motivate consumers to act with immersive brand experiences. With a commitment to strategic thinking across every conceivable medium, the company has lent its considerable skills to such clients as ABC, Bose, Discovery, Fox Sports, Gillette, HBO, HGTV, PBS, Mattel, Sci Fi Channel and the Wall Street Journal. For more information check out their website at

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