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Last Updated: October 3, 2007 9:48 pm GMT
(PLANO, Texas — Oct. 3, 2007) The ViewCast Osprey® line of high-performance video capture cards is playing a starring role in educational Webcasting and distance learning programs at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The university is using the Osprey devices for NUScast, an award-winning program for streaming video of university lectures and other events over the NUS Web site. In addition, as a participant in the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) educational consortium, NUS is using the streaming technology in a joint distance learning program with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The Osprey devices are provided by ViewCast Corporation (OTCBB: VCST), a leading global provider of high-quality audio and video encoding communication products.

A recent winner of MIS Magazine's IT Excellence Award for Best Business Enabler, NUScast is an Internet TV channel that enables faculty and students to access a full range of on-demand and live Webcast lectures, seminars, and campus events such as commencement ceremonies. Students and faculty also can access news; educational and research network television channels such as BBC World, Channel News Asia, the Discovery Channel; and local television broadcasts. The Osprey Video capture cards convert live analog video signals into digital formats such as Windows Media®, RealVideo®, or Flash® for viewing over the NUScast Web portal.

"The streaming technology has enhanced the overall quality of learning for our students. When they're in class, they can focus on the lecture itself rather than note-taking, and later they can view the Webcast of the lecture to capture anything they might have missed and revise their material prior to a discussion or tutorial session," said Mr. Soh Hock Heng, manager, NUS Center for Instructional Technology. "Also, when packaged with metadata such as IMS or SCORM, lectures can be saved as reusable learning objects, which allows us to build up a valuable knowledge base of course materials that can be accessed again and again."

NUS is also streaming educational content to students participating in the SMA, an innovative engineering and life science educational and research collaboration between NUS, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, and MIT. Under the joint program with MIT, NUS is conducting real-time engineering courses via IP videoconferencing. The classes are then recorded and digitized via the Osprey encoder cards into RealVideo format for later access by students via the SMA Web site. More information about SMA is available at .

Currently, ViewCast's Osprey-100, -1000, -230, and the new Osprey-240 video capture cards are in use at NUS, as well as Osprey SimulStream, software that enables a single Osprey Video card to output multiple instances of audio and video data from a single input source to multiple applications. For its planned move to high-definition Webcasting, NUS was a beta test partner for the newest member of the Osprey family, the Osprey-700 HD card.

"It was very important to us to partner with a company that is continually innovating, with a roadmap for products to support future innovations in streaming media. The Osprey-700 is a good example of ViewCast's vision and ability to constantly improve and enhance its technology," said Mr. Soh. "Also, ViewCast's strong presence in Southeast Asia demonstrates the company's long-term commitment to our region."

"As a longtime customer, NUS is a true innovator in the still-emerging realm of educational Webcasting and distance learning," said Dave Stoner, president of ViewCast. "We're proud that our products have played a key role in such a groundbreaking effort."

About the National University of Singapore
The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a multicampus university of global standing, with distinctive strengths in education and research and an entrepreneurial dimension. It offers a comprehensive range of disciplines ranging from architecture to medicine to music. The NUS student community comprises a cosmopolitan mix of more than 32,000 students from 88 countries, contributing to a vibrant and thriving campus life. More information about NUS is available at

About ViewCast:
ViewCast develops video and audio communication products for delivering content dynamically via a variety of network types and protocols. These products include Osprey® Video capture cards and Niagara® video encoders/servers featuring Niagara SCX® encoder management software. ViewCast products address the video capture, processing, and delivery requirements for a broad range of applications and markets. More information is available on the company's Web site at


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