Sell Your Effects Shot With "Reactive Lighting"


Last Updated: October 22, 2007 4:04 pm GMT
DJTV's Suite Effects Shows How

(Lake Mary, FL, October 22, 2007) Digital Juice® announced today that it is releasing a new DJTV™ Suite Effects™ episode titled "Reactive Lighting."

Reactive Lighting is a secondary effect whereby light emitted from a source is recreated and made to fall on a specific object in a scene. In this episode, Sean Mullen, effects guru and host of DJTV's Suite Effects, shows video editors how to use Reactive Lighting to help sell their effects shots. "Even though it is a secondary effect, Reactive Lighting should be #1 in a video editor's bag of tricks," says Mullen.

Within the first minute of the episode, Mullen shows the effect Reactive Lighting has on the light saber composite used in the shows open. "The light saber is the obvious effect here," says Mullen. "But it is the glow on my hands, face and back that help place the light saber in the shot. Without reactive lighting, the light saber is just a glow layer on top of video."

What editors will learn in this episode:
  • What reactive lighting is and how it works
  • How to create reactive lighting using masks, feathers and glows
  • How to blend reactive lighting into a scene

About Suite Effects™
In Suite Effects, visual effects veteran Sean Mullen draws back the curtain to reveal some trade secrets on how video editors can pull off cool effects right from their own edit bay. Whether it's tackling foundational techniques like rotoscoping, tracking logos to a van, or blasting fireballs from the hands, Suite Effects will share the tips and tricks that will help video editors produce the same quality visual effects normally reserved for big-budget Hollywood movie studios. Suite Effects "The Roto Route" is the reason I like Digital Juice," says Kenneth O'Banyoun of Concepts & Designs. "What you can learn in less than 7 minutes is priceless!"

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