Blackmagic Design Releases Support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Mac OS X Leopard


Last Updated: October 26, 2007 4:12 pm GMT
(SAN JOSE, California--October 26, 2007) Today, Blackmagic Design Inc. released Multibridge 6.6, DeckLink 6.6 and Intensity 1.8 software for the new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. This software release also includes support for Adobe’s Mac version of their highly popular Premiere Pro CS3 version 3.1.

Blackmagic Design users can now quickly find and preview their video media files, using Cover Flow and Quick Look, now featured within the new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

With added support for Premiere Pro CS3 v3.1 for Mac OS X, Blackmagic Design customers can also:
  • Use project presets for capture and playback using Apple’s uncompressed codecs in high definition and standard definition, and Apple’s DV compressed codec in standard definition. Also included are project presets for standard and widescreen support in standard definition using both Apple’s uncompressed and DV codecs.

  • This new release features project presets for capture and playback using Blackmagic’s 10-bit RGB codec for 2K film and high definition 4:4:4 video providing Mac users full film editing capabilities with Premiere Pro CS3 v3.1. Featured on all Multibridge PCIe and DeckLink HD cards.

  • Other features for Premiere Pro CS3 v3.1 users include Insert and Assemble edit-to-tape for decks which support these features, and RS-422 device control. Featured on all Multibridge PCIe and DeckLink cards.
    These software updates are for Blackmagic Design’s Multibridge, DeckLink and Intensity families of products.

Availability and Price
These new software updates are available now free of charge for all registered Multibridge, DeckLink and Intensity customers from the Blackmagic Design web site at

About Blackmagic Design Inc.
Blackmagic Design Inc. manufactures the world’s highest quality video cards and converters for the post production and television broadcast industries. The Multibridge, DeckLink and Intensity family of products have revolutionized the post production industry and made HDTV more affordable. Founded by the world’s leading editors and engineers from the post production industry, this knowledge is constantly fed back into our products. Blackmagic Design has operations in the USA, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.


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