RELDATA Expands Consolidated Storage Options With New SAS/SATA Unified Storage Systems


Last Updated: November 19, 2007 6:15 pm GMT
(Parsippany, New York--November 19, 2007) RELDATA, the leading supplier of a new generation of consolidated storage systems, today announced the 9240 SAS/SATA Unified Storage System, expanding customer storage options while delivering unrivaled value in the enterprise iSCSI storage market.

This announcement closely follows RELDATA’s release of its 10 GbE 9240 Unified Storage Gateway.

RELDATA’s Unified Storage System delivers integrated iSCSI SAN, NAS and WAN replication functions on a single virtualized platform that delivers best-in-class performance. The system is easy to implement, operate, and manage, yet delivers enterprise-class functionality. Customers can independently scale disk storage capacity, SAN/NAS/WAN replication storage services, and network performance without application disruption. This “pay-as-you-grow” design eliminates the need for forklift box upgrades – and the downtime it causes – and liberates customers from vendor lock-in and the associated predatory pricing for additional disk capacity.

RELDATA’s new iSCSI storage system combines RELDATA’s 9000 Series Unified Storage Gateway with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) disk storage, providing customers with a seamless, integrated solution that continues RELDATA’s unrivaled record of delivering performance that matches the NetApp FAS 6070 at half the price. International Data Corp. projects that SAS drives will overtake FC drives by 2009, with demand for SAS drives showing a 150% increase over the next two years. IDC expects iSCSI SAN revenue to grow at 20 times the rate of FC SAN through 2011.

“RELDATA clearly understands the needs of the market and has produced a very attractive solution that benefits both end-users and VARs,” said Rich Kuhar, Vice President of Arkay. “I can give my customers exactly what they need. They can either purchase a complete 9240 SAS/SATA Unified Storage System from me with the vendor responsible for all software and hardware functionality, or I can give them a 9240 Unified Storage Gateway with disks from their favorite manufacturer. Either way, the customer retains the freedom to add other disks they have on their floor and seamlessly deliver IP SAN, NAS and WAN Replication from one virtualized storage pool.“

RELDATA customers have the freedom to choose the exact storage that best fits their needs. They can select a turnkey solution from RELDATA with SAS drives for performance-critical applications, SATA drives for price-sensitive environments, or a combination of SAS and SATA drives to address a mixture of application needs. Or, they can choose a Unified Storage System custom- configured by a RELDATA reseller with third-party storage from RELDATA technology partners such as Dot Hill, Engenio, Hitachi Data Systems, Infortrend and Nexsan.

“Customers can significantly reduce their capital expenses and on-going operational costs for storage,” said David Hubbard, CEO RELDATA. “With RELDATA, they can leverage their existing Ethernet knowledge, easily implement enterprise-class unified storage, and consolidate storage management into a single view of the enterprise. With 10GbE, RELDATA iSCSI SANs can scale to support hundreds of servers with performance rivaling FC SANs, giving customers plenty of headroom for future storage growth. Customers enjoy maximum ROI by being able to integrate previously purchased third party disk with the RELDATA SAS/SATA Unified Storage System.”

“RELDATA has created a true best-of-breed solution that is reseller-friendly. The unprecedented price point for this level of unified functionality makes it affordable for customers to undertake projects that were previously cost-prohibitive, such as moving from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to consolidated IP storage (iSCSI SAN and NAS) and business continuity (WAN replication),“ said Jeff Helthall, VP Sales RELDATA.

A high performance 9240 SAS Unified Storage System with1.75 TB storage is approximately $60,000. A 9TB 9240 SATA Unified Storage System is approximately $65,000. Both are available now. Each system can be customized with a mixture of SAS and SATA drives to meet the needs of a mixed application environment.

RELDATA is the leader of a new generation of consolidated storage solutions that deliver unified iSCSI SAN, NAS and WAN replication functions on a single virtualized platform. The solutions are easy to implement, operate and manage, yet deliver enterprise-class functionality. Customers can independently scale disk storage capacity, storage services and network performance without any application disruption. This “pay-as-you-grow” design eliminates the need for forklift box upgrades and liberates customers from vendor lock-in. With unrivaled price/performance and low total cost of ownership, users can easily and significantly reduce their storage costs. RELDATA products are designed to embrace third-party disk drives and to co-exist with more expensive storage solutions from vendors such as Network Appliance® and EMC®. RELDATA is headquartered in New Jersey. RELDATA products are available worldwide through authorized value-added resellers and system integrators. More information is available at


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