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Last Updated: November 27, 2007 6:27 pm GMT
(Raleigh, North Carolina--November 27, 2007) Inlet Technologies, the leader in advanced encoding solutions for new media, announced today that Amusement Park Media (APM), a Houston based full service production facility, has selected Inlet’s Fathom® advanced encoding solution.

APM, the studio arm of ADV Vision Inc., selected Fathom specifically for its Flash video encoding capabilities. This key feature helps APM create and deliver free, full-length episodic previews as a promotional tool for a new animated series for ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of Japanese animation ("anime") outside of Japan.

“I estimate that Inlet has enabled us to deliver 80 percent higher quality encodes than previous encoders,” said Joseph Goubeaud, vice president of production, Amusement Park Media. “Fathom optimizes our encoding results and overall workflow while enabling us to deliver the best quality content using existing end-user bandwidth.”

While delivering high quality was Amusement Park Media’s top priority, Fathom offered other benefits crucial to the success of ADV’s episodic previews, enabling them to:
  • add clean digital watermarks (for copyright purposes)
  • identify and delete previously “invisible” frames from QuickTime™ videos
  • add logo bugs “on the fly” during the encode process
  • support anamorphic resolution (320x240 and/or 640x480) inputs and outputs for a richer end-user experience through Windows Media

All of the advanced encoding capabilities provided by Inlet’s Fathom add up to new business opportunities for Amusement Park Media. APM client projects include Japanese anime, music videos, documentaries, independent films and more. “Fathom has helped us meet a wider variety of customized customer specs, enabling us to take on new clients and enter new markets that we weren’t able to before,” explained Goubeaud.

“Amusement Park Media’s work, such as that with Japanese animation, represents an exciting new market opportunity for Inlet and our encoding solutions,” said Neal Page, chief executive officer and founder of Inlet Technologies. “Their unique use of our technology has helped us better understand the contribution we can make in the world of animated film, Flash and other creative uses of film and digital media; and the opportunities we can create for our customers.”

Inlet’s Fathom is the world’s most powerful encoding platform for producing VC-1, Windows Media, MPEG-4 and Flash files. Fathom provides stunning quality along with breakthrough workflow capabilities, helping customers produce digital files, even high-definition content, in real time.

About Amusement Park Media
Amusement Park Media combines award-winning creativity with innovative technology to create media that achieves its goals. From HD editing and HD-to-SD conversion to video compression optimized for the web, Amusement Park Media has the equipment and expertise to deliver exactly what clients are looking for. Amusement Park Media has developed a production workflow that ensures quality and efficiency throughout a project’s timeline. Using a powerful, centralized media server, Amusement Park Media effectively moves dozens of projects a day through the post-production process. For more information, visit

Amusement Park Media’s parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc. encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions (including home video, television, publishing, theatrical, online, mobile, licensing and merchandising) and continues to actively expand to territories worldwide. Its Anime Network is America's first and only television network dedicated to bringing anime and anime-related programming to consumers nationwide via digital cable 24 hours a day. The company's publishing arm includes Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly magazine and ADV Manga, dedicated to publishing graphic novels.

About Inlet Technologies
Inlet Technologies is the leading provider of advanced encoding solutions, enabling new media for new networks. Inlet solutions produce the highest quality video, faster and more efficiently than any other solution. Inlet allows content creators, programmers and distributors to increase production efficiency, reduce costs and deliver superior quality video over any Internet Protocol (IP) network. Inlet’s award-winning products – the Fathom® and Spinnaker™ encoder families and Semaphore™ automated quality control software – scale seamlessly from mobile to web to high-definition. Inlet solutions are ideal for applications such as Video-on-Demand, Web-based video, real-time, professional streaming and digital archiving and dailies. Inlet customers, such as Modern Video, Akimbo and Microsoft Studios, are able to expand their audiences and create new revenue from their valuable content. For more information, visit


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