Last Updated: December 26, 2007 5:14 pm GMT
(Montréal, Canada--December 26, 2007) Montreal’s damnfx is proud to have created the cover image of this December’s National Geographic Magazine, devoted to the topic of “bizarre dinosaurs.”

Following earlier work for the prestigious society, including images for the December 2005 issue, and ten minutes of animation for this fall’s IMAX 3D stereoscopic extravaganza Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, damnfx was tapped to create and image of the skull and neck of the dracorex hogwartsia (“King of the Dragons”).

To reconstruct the dinosaur, damnfx creative director Mark Dubeau relied on photographic material of dracorex fossils: “Judging from the skull alone, we knew that it was going to be a really detailed and complex build to get this guy right. Just a mess of knobs, scales and horns.” The creative team relied heavily on Maya’s 3D software package and Z-Brush to generate the 3D geometry, Photoshop to color and texture the creature, Mental Ray to shade and render the final image with final touch ups being done in Photoshop. “We kept the team small, led by myself and texture artist Marc-André Dostie doing the heavy lifting. In doing so, we were able to effect changes quickly and on the fly.”

Josh Smith, Paleontology Specialist at National Geographic commented: “This is easily the best reconstruction of dracorex out there… period. Heck, in terms of texture and color, it’s one of the best dinosaur reconstructions I’ve seen.”

“This cover is probably the coolest thing that has happened to us in the dino field,” adds Bruce Buckmeier, the paleontologist who discovered the new species. “We always wanted our dino mentioned in National Geographic. We never dreamed it would make the cover, and with such a great rendition by damnfx. This was to me, even more exciting than finding the dinosaur.”

“The result, I think, speaks for itself. And it always feels good to see one of our creations peering back at us from the news-stand,” concludes Dubeau.

About damnfx
damnfx is an award-winning visual effects and animation studio located in Montreal, Canada, devoted to creating high-end digital imagery for film, television and commercials. The studio currently houses a team of over 80 artists and industry professionals, and its client/credit list includes Microsoft/Bungie, Sony Pictures, France 2, Marathon, BBC, Discovery Communications, National Geographic Society, Cirque du Soleil, TVA, Cossette Communication, and Galafilm.


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