National Ministry of Design Redesigns The Early Show for CBS


Last Updated: January 8, 2008 4:53 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--January 8, 2008) National Ministry of Design, Boston’s award-winning broadcast design and branding boutique, has just completed the graphic re-design of the CBS Early Show, which was unveiled today on the network’s morning program.

The Early Show’s Executive Producer Shelley Ross and director Mike Mancini turned to NMD’s creative directors Dave Allen and Jean McCarvill to design a show package that would reflect their new vision of the re-vamped broadcast. Ross and Mancini provided substantial direction to the design team, placing emphasis on bringing a new energy to the show without compromising the (gravity) of the well respected news source.

“We introduced vivid yellows, greens and mulberry to a blend of blues and were able to create a fresh, modern look while retaining the visual identity associated with the CBS brand”, said Jean McCarvill. The incorporation of high-end 3D with highly reflective and lit surfaces delivers the desired “wow factor”. NMD also provided CBS with an extensive tool kit that contains modular, flexible elements to keep the show looking fresh over time. The Early Show’s set and musical score were also updated for the re-launch of the popular morning broadcast.

The re-design comes at a critical time as network’s compete in the morning time slot. “It was NMD’s job to help CBS distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market.” says Dave Allen. “We worked with senior management to make sure every aspect of the design spoke to their criteria.”

NMD is an experienced design team that has created identity packages, promos and show packaging for CBS, ABC, HBO, ESPN, Discovery and Animal Planet.


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