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Easily built 3D websites now viewable without plug-ins

(Paris, France--January 14, 2008) Altadyn, a developer of real-time 3D software, today announced the release of 3DXplorer® V3 beta. The technology launches a new era in the Internet-based communication as it opens up the world of 3D environments to everyone.

For the first time, visitors can walk into your virtual offices or your showroom, visualize your space and interact with your products from any internet browser without a prior process of proprietary software installation.

With an increasing demand for Rich Web Applications and 3D interactive tools, 3DXplorer answers the call to bring the sophisticated 3D immersive real-time applications down to the level of what Web navigators can handle smoothly on a typical computer. The developers of 3DXplorer® have worked towards this goal since 2002, which now becomes reality with today’s public launch of V3.0.

Corporations need not rely on outside virtual worlds in order to communicate 3D visuals. They can bring the “virtual world” into their own website, with full control of the content and visitor navigation, while spending only a fraction of the cost.

Marketing agencies and web developers can now unleash their creativity and quickly create high-impact messages through innovative visuals for free.

Web application developers can use 3DXplorer® as the 3D real-time visualization tool to develop social networking and virtual worlds, configurators, home equipment showrooms, walk-through tours for real estate offerings, PLM collaborative tools, online meetings, virtual tradeshows, games, among others.

Home equipment producers, Furniture manufacturers and other e-commerce vendors can now invite their online visitors to their showroom, and let them try furniture, products, or equipment inside the customer’s own virtual home, to revolutionize the online sales process.

3DXplorer® authoring environment is a free online tool, which is remarkably easy to use for the average computing user. Users can quickly create custom 3D spaces either by importing models designed with common 3D modeling tools such as Google-SketchUp or 3DS Max, or by selecting attributes to Altadyn’ s ready-made 3D objects available within 3DXplorer® -- changing colors, textures, orientation, and size of the objects according to preference. Uploaded pictures (in .jpg or .gif) or audio files (as mp3s) can be incorporated into a 3D scene as well. The final composition can be easily imbedded on the user’s personal or business website.

3DXplorer®’s technology is based on Java and other widely used industry standards which make 3D web scenes immediately viewable on all Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms and the vast majority of browsers such as MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Unlike most vendors who charge for the content creation tool, 3Dxplorer® authoring and online display of the 3D environments is free. Low monthly charges only apply to higher-traffic user sites. The sliding scale fee depends on the number of visitors the site receives.

The accolades are already in for the new independent platform. Denis Lourme, Director of the CAD portal www.cao.fr, and Editor of (3D)2: The 3D Journal in 3D, says: “In 3D internet, visitors’ reactions and comfort levels are key for high traffic web sites. No obstacle should barricade the way to the 3rd dimension. The fact that 3DXplorer does not require the installation of any plug-in software is a great advantage, as many individuals as well as corporate employees do not want, or simply cannot allow, downloads onto their systems. Moreover, the ease of use and the quality of the graphics are reassuring to users and customers alike. If you are considering opening a 3D environment of any kind on your web site, you should look at 3DXplorer.”

Bruce Richardson of AMR Research wrote in an October 2007 article: “The days of static applications will soon be over, as will 2D screens that look like forms or reports. The future is coming and it’s far more visually appealing.”

Try 3DXplorer® for free and build your own 3D environment at www.3dxplorer.com. See a demo by visiting one of the 3D web sites built with 3DXplorer here: http://www.3dxplorer.com/i.php?p=static/13

About Altadyn
Altadyn is a developer of real-time 3D software that delivers high end 3D technology to everyone’s desk. With 3DXplorer -- its 3D web environment creation platform -- and Toon-MX – a 3D “digital puppetry” software -- the company has focused its efforts on adding a new dimension to the online experience. Altadyn is already delivering value to major customers including SAP, Orange, Bayer, and Glaxo-Smith-Kline. Altadyn has offices in Paris, France and Irvine, California.

For more information visit http:www.3dxplorer.com


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