New SOOM, Multifunctional Support Offers Infinite Possibilities


Last Updated: January 23, 2008 5:01 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--January 23, 2008) Sachtler unveils the SOOM, the world's first multifunctional camera support system for the range of Mini DV to HDV camcorders. Developed to solve the shooter's dilemma of which type of camera support to transport to studio or location, Sachtler's innovative new SOOM elegantly configures into 4 distinct support tools--all in one compact, easy-to-carry system.

At first glance, the SOOM appears to be a trusty Sachtler tripod with a 75mm bowl, ready to be mated to a Sachtler FSB or other fluid head. In this configuration, the SOOM TriPod features single-stage legs providing a vertical height range from 27” to 56”. Sachtler offers a choice of removable rubber feet or hardened steel spikes. The integrated TriSpread mid-level spreader delivers stability, even over uneven ground.

When you need more height, the SOOM TriPod deftly transforms into the HiPod via its integrated center column, the SOOM Tube, capable of telescoping vertically to a variable lens height of over 8 feet. Thus it is ideal for shooting over obstacles or crowds. Sachtler's brilliant engineering team has incorporated a protective dampening feature that automatically deploys as the center column is collapsed, preventing the camera payload from crashing down.

For going low, the TriSpread mid-level spreader sports its own 75mm bowl. When it is removed from the standard tripod, it becomes a single-stage baby tripod with a height range of 8” to nearly 19”. Rubberized spikes assure firm footing.

As if that wasn't enough, there is also a monopod configuration. The telescoping center column, the SOOM Tube, quickly removes from the tripod to function as a monopod, sporting a height range from 34” to 62”. A fold-away foot bracket allows the operator to firmly secure its base to the floor.

This versatile Sachtler system may be reconfigured from one function to the next quickly and easily and without tools. SOOM's modularity not only gives the shooter freedom of spontaneous creativity, but also allows for a wide range of yet-to-be-developed accessories to expand the unit's functionality in the future.

The SOOM system collapses to 37” for easy transportation in a single bag or case. The rugged SOOM system, featuring all 4 functions, weighs a total of 11.4 lbs (15.8 lbs with a Sachtler FSB 6 fluid head). When used in combination with the FSB 6 head, the system supports up to 13.2 lbs. A custom-designed SOOM Bag features carrying straps, wheels and backpack straps for easy transport over long distances and through rough terrain.

The SOOM system is available as individual components or as a complete integrated system. The integrated SOOM HiPod System lists at $2490. List price for the SOOM system complete with the Sachtler FSB 6 Fluid Head is $3570. For more information, visit: or call 845-268-0100.


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