Pipeline Quad Multi-channel Network Encoder Now Available from Telestream


Last Updated: January 29, 2008 3:42 pm GMT
Industry-first shared network encoder, now available in multi-channel and single-channel models, offers real-time SDI encoding to multiple formats in a single box

(Nevada City, California--January 29, 2008) Telestream today announced availability of Pipeline Quad, the company's newest model to emerge from its award-winning series of Pipeline™ network encoders. Pipeline is an industry-first, network-based video capture system that provides ingest into file-based workflows from tape or live sources for broadcasters, post-production and other video professionals. Pipeline sits on the network where anyone can access it, providing freedom from the expense and limitations of traditional, single-user capture-card solutions.

Pipeline received the 2007 Vidy award, which honors product innovation and engineering excellence. Videography reviewer Oliver Peters reports, "Pipeline is an elegant, portable I/O solution for editors and broadcasters alike." A review in Lifelong Learning magazine adds, "Pipeline brings high-quality real-time encoding within reach, even for media departments and small facilities with tight budgets."

Pipeline offers user-selectable SDI encoding to multiple formats in a single box. Supporting DV, IMX and MPEG-2 formats, Pipeline is ideal for broadcast, archiving and server applications worldwide. The new four-channel Pipeline Quad model offers unparalleled encoding density and significant per-channel cost savings in a compact one-rack-unit box. Pipeline Quad also includes confidence monitoring which enables users to view what is being encoded during the ingest process. Plus, redundant power supplies provide user assurance of always-on operation for critical workflows.

According to Telestream CEO Dan Castles, "Customer and third-party response to Pipeline has been overwhelming. The level of acceptance we've received from the marketplace validates the need for our new approach to video capture."

Pipeline provides real-time, reliable tape ingest into Telestream's FlipFactory® and Episode® transcoding products as well as Apple's Final Cut Pro. A number of other companies, including North Plains Systems, are taking advantage of Pipeline's free SDK toolkit to enable seamless integration into their workflows.

"Using the power of Pipeline's SDK we were able to quickly and easily augment our existing file-based workflow to add baseband ingest from live sources into our TeleScope DAM system," said Steve Sauder, CTO of North Plains Systems Corp. "The flexibility of the SDK allowed us to take full advantage of the multiple formats and network accessibility in Pipeline while maximizing the workflow automation capabilities in FlipFactory."

Pipeline applications include batch ingest from EDLs for both Windows and Mac users, enabling encoding of multiple clips from a single tape. For Final Cut users, Pipeline adds drag-and-drop support for Final Cut Interchange files, enabling users to re-ingest or export offline clips and improve collaboration. Pipeline streamlines digitization of tape for ingest into archives, online libraries and digital asset management workflows.

Both the new multi-channel Pipeline Quad ($9,950) and single-channel Pipeline ($1,950) are available from Telestream's direct sales and worldwide resale channels. Single-channel Pipeline is also available online at www.flip4mac.com. For more information, visit http://www.telestream.net.


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