Team One Puts the 'H' in Hybrid for Lexus


Last Updated: February 7, 2008 5:50 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 7, 2008) Team One Los Angeles recently finished a powerful and innovative campaign for Lexus Hybrids that examines what the world would be like without the letter 'h'. The :60 spot directed by MJZ's Dante Ariola takes us through a series of humorous and visually vexing scenes looking at what major landmarks, news stories, classrooms, and typical office environments would look like if all the h's were mysteriously missing.

We see Los Angeles' 'OLLYWOOD' sign, outdoor signage for a local 'otel,' and the naked keyboard button one spot removed from our left index finger's starting perch. In the story, the h's have abandoned our society after simply finding a better place to live-on the back of Lexus' lines of hybrid cars. Naturally, these h's deserted their previous posts in favor of zipping around town on the rear badging of an environmentally-friendly luxury Lexus vehicle.

The Power of h campaign showcases Lexus' three hybrid vehicles-the RX 400h, GS 450h, and LS 600h-which have been on the road since 2004. Jon Pearce, Team One's Group Creative Director for the campaign notes, "Lexus has been at the forefront of alternative power train solutions for a long time, but the awareness of their line of hybrids has been relatively low.

The focus of this campaign was to build this awareness, to bridge the informational gap between the luxury of Lexus and the advanced technology of these three hybrid vehicles, which offer a 70% reduction in emissions. We also wanted to deliver that message in a really new and entertaining way-creating something that would make car buyers stop, notice, laugh, and think." The campaign takes a different approach to showcase the uniqueness of the Lexus hybrids, highlighting the fact that these are technologically-advanced luxury hybrid vehicles. The spot also adds a touch of realism and pop culture by featuring actual brands such as Yahoo!, the Wheel of Fortune, and Hollywood's walk of fame and landmark sign to add credibility to the storylines. The multi-platform campaign debuts this week, with the Missing h spots running on network, cable and cable sports networks through April in conjunction with a fully-integrated online, print, and out-of-home campaign.

Gavin Lester, also a GCD on the project, comments on the creative process, "We wanted to set the stage with each scene, showing the viewer typical situations that we take for granted, yet with one thing missing that throws off the entire picture. With each storyline, the viewer would ponder what was going on with the h's. As the scenes unfold, they see that the spot's unlikely principals had moved to a better place-a place that looks forward and believes in positive change. There really is no better place for an 'h' to be." The Power of h campaign is the latest in a long line of award-winning, highly-successful spots that Team One has created for Lexus. Memorable campaigns surrounding Lexus' pursuit of perfection have helped propel Lexus into the top-selling luxury car brand in the United States for each of the last eight years. Team One's broadcast and print work for the national campaign also drive consumers to a microsite ( where they can find additional information on the Lexus hybrid vehicles, as well as details and tips on incorporating a more hybrid lifestyle. As a core part of Lexus' hybrid-awareness campaign, the 'h' character is showcased on the site and will be built upon and further brought to life as the campaign unfolds.

Client - Lexus National
Title - "Missing H" - :60
Airdate: 2.4.08

Agency: Team One, Los Angeles
ECD - Chris Graves
GCD(s) - Gavin Lester, Jon Pearce
EP - Jack Epsteen
AP - Erin Finch

Music Co - HUM
Composer - Chris Brady

Production Co - MJZ
Director - Dante Ariola
DP - Toby Irwin

Editorial - Rock Paper Scissors
Editor - Andrea MacArthur

VFX Co - A52
VFX Supervisor - Patrick Murphy

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