Liquid 9 Helps Kill Off OMNI Awards for Kansas City Ad Club, Introduce ADDY Awards


Boutique Creates Viral Videos to Promote Show’s New Name

Last Updated: February 19, 2008 4:11 pm GMT
(Kansas City, Missouri--February 19, 2008) Post-production boutique Liquid 9 recently created three animated viral videos for Kansas City agency Barkley and the Kansas City Ad Club, according to Kat O’Connor, Director of Marketing for L9. The videos promote and celebrate the ad club’s change of name for its award show, from the OMNI Awards to the ADDY Awards.

To proclaim the message that “the OMNI is dead” in a fun, dramatic way, Barkley’s concept was to have the OMNI “bumped-off” by the ADDY in 007 style, with a comically absurd and edgy Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy look and feel. With its predecessor eliminated, the ADDY takes over sending the message that it’s the “same show, new name.”

Liquid 9 started with three written storyboards and three rough sketches of the initial scenes created by Barkley. The scenarios for the three videos range from the OMNI fishing on a dock being dropped with a crane by the ADDY into the razor-sharp teeth of a giant fish to the OMNI being shot down in a helicopter by the ADDY in a rocket-launching tank.

L9’s motion graphics designer, Cody Smith, was tasked with creating the characters and the environments from the agency’s basic concept. Barkley wanted the animation to have a lo-fi 2D look using high-end 3D animation.

Smith designed the characters in Illustrator to give them the desired hand drawn, cell animation look. Machines including the tank, crane and helicopter were created in Cinema 4D. The environments were produced using After Effects.

Patrick Meagher, L9’s composer and sound designer, created a zany take off of the classic James Bond theme music played on a homemade kazoo along with sound effects.

“We were looking for a way to really show the Kansas City advertising community that the OMNI was dead and the ADDY would reign supreme forevermore,” said director Jeremy Fuksa. “We gave Liquid 9 some story ideas and then just had them run with it. The results were outstanding and now we’re both in the center of some nice nationwide press. Thanks, Liquid 9!”

The viral videos can be seen on YouTube, the Kansas City Ad Club websites and various blogs. To view the videos, go to:

Barkley Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Brian Brooker
Associate Creative Director: David Thornhill
Director: Jeremy Fuksa
Producer: Terri Bryant
Writers: Matt Bowne, Jeremy Fuksa, Kit Hunnell, Greg Szmurlo

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About Liquid 9
Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Liquid 9 Creative Media Studio is a premier postproduction boutique specializing in editing for commercials and long format video, sound design for TV and radio, original music composition, finishing and compositing, and motion graphics. L9 clients include: Sprint, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Lee Jeans, NFL Films, Disney Cruise Lines, Adventure Disney, Borden’s Dairy, Clear Channel, PayPal, Missouri Tourism and the Kansas City Zoo.

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