Hybrid MC Powers France 2's Innovative Traffic Reports


Last Updated: February 20, 2008 4:17 pm GMT
(Paris, France--February 20, 2008) Hybrid MC, the award-winning broadcast graphics solutions provider, today announced that France 2 is using Krypton to power a groundbreaking traffic report feature in its national news bulletins.

Combining animated 2-D and 3-D information graphics within a virtual set, France 2's Point Route bulletins feature presenters giving detailed real-time analysis of traffic situations and forecasting future driving conditions on roads throughout the country. The Point Route system automates the conversion of data from the national road network into graphical displays and allows journalists to present an overview of traffic conditions or focus on individual cities, districts, or road junctions.

Developed jointly with Paris-based graphics specialist Trimaran, the Point Route system uses Hybrid MC's Krypton rendering platform to power both the virtual set and the display of the 3-D graphics, with Trimaran's Point Route software providing the interface and operational front-end for France 2's journalists on desktop computers.

"Hybrid MC's Krypton rendering platform provided the outstanding solution for France 2's exacting requirements," said Olivier Emery, president of Trimaran. "This collaborative development between Trimaran and Hybrid MC gives virtual set productions a new level of dynamic capability in business graphics, maps, text, and animation, together with increased on-air interactivity for operators using desktop computers."

The Point Route system receives traffic status data from the nationwide road network via FTP, and that data is automatically combined with satellite imagery for the map backgrounds and vector overlays of the roads. Journalists can add extra graphical information with easy-to-use tools before switching to on-air control of the system. The Point Route system streamlines production by automatically rendering routes and other details from dynamically updated information received from the traffic agency.

During the broadcast, Krypton renders the data from the Trimaran front-end, with operators controlling the selection of cameras, timing of animations, and the display of up to three live Webcam views from France 2's network within the virtual set graphics.

"France 2's Point Route system is a striking example of innovative and sophisticated graphics presentation using the Krypton platform's multilayered scene capabilities," said Olivier Cohen, marketing and development manager, Hybrid MC. "With the ability to render 3-D scenes within the 3-D virtual set, combined with a high degree of graphics automation and advanced presenter and operator interaction, this technology sets a new standard for news, sports, and other graphics-intensive productions such as election coverage."

Krypton is Hybrid MC's powerful real-time 3-D graphics solution for use in virtual studio broadcasting and other 3-D applications, including augmented reality and virtual reality. With multilayer scene capabilities, Krypton allows the addition of 3-D overlays to create more complex and realistic virtual scenery, and it can render entire 3-D scenes within the 3-D virtual set. Compatible with the Titanium and new Silver robotic heads from Hybrid MC, Krypton also integrates easily with third-party motion-tracking devices and software. Used with Hybrid MCs robotic heads, Krypton is the only zero-latency virtual set solution available.

More information about Hybrid MC is available at http://www.hybrid-mc.com.

About France 2
France 2 is the largest French public TV network. It is part of the France Télévisions group, which also comprises France 3, France 5, Réseau France Outre-mer, and the new digital-only France 4. More information is available at http://www.france2.fr.

About Trimaran
Trimaran (Paris, France) handles complex computer graphics and multimedia projects with experience and expertise and has helped to establish its clients in the new technology and multimedia sectors for the long haul. Whether for interactive on/offline applications, broadcast graphics applications, 3-D animations, or visual effects for movies, commercials, and television, Trimaran's teams attempt to mix up the best cocktail of "creativity and technology" to meet customer demand. More information is available at http://www.trimaran.com.

About Hybrid MC
Hybrid MC develops and markets innovative software and hardware for the broadcast industry. From its core specialty as a leading virtual studio solutions provider, Hybrid MC has developed a range of robotic camera products suitable for general applications and powerful 3-D graphics software for real-time broadcast use. Hybrid MC has a global base of leading broadcast customers and is based in Paris, France. More information is available at http://www.hybrid-mc.com.


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