Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras


Last Updated: March 9, 2008 7:33 pm GMT
For Immediate Release Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras

Zacuto, a leading provider of HD video cameras and accessories [] is announcing the release of their essential new Z-Riser product. The Z-riser [] is used in conjunction with other of Zacuto's camera mounting components for adjusting a second set of rods to align matte boxes and follow focus units to cameras with high or low lens mounting.

Specifically, Z-Riser is an essential part of Zacuto’s kits for the RED ONE camera and the Letus35 Extreme Adapter, as well as serving a need in supporting other camera gear such as a Follow-Focus and Matt Boxes.

The Zacuto Z-Riser attaches to a pair of standard 15mm rods and allows an adjustable vertical riser. This riser has 2 4 ½” long 15mm rods that come included with the Z-Riser. With the Z-riser a matte box can be aligned to any lens height. As with all of Zacuto’s mounting accessories for HD video cameras the Z-Riser offers the following advantages:

* Quick Release

* Rock solid stability

* Nothing can loosen or unwind

* Mount or un-mount with the flip of one lever and in seconds

* Shorten setup/pack up time

* Save wear and tear on your equipment

* Save time

“Virtually anything can be mounted using this in conjunction with the other Zacuto components, allowing you to completely customize your HD video camera setup,” stated Zacuto Marketing Director Steve Weiss.

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Z-Riser HD Video Camera Accessory


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