Digital Heaven releases DH_Subtitle 2.0 plug-in for Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro


Last Updated: March 12, 2008 5:33 pm GMT
(London, UK--March 12, 2008) Digital Heaven, one of the leading third party developers for Apple Pro Apps, today announced the release of DH_Subtitle 2.0, a major update to the popular subtitle generator plug-in for Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.

DH_Subtitle was the first Final Cut subtitle generator to create professional style boxed subtitles. Traditionally, this style has been time consuming to create with the need to make a correctly sized shape on a different layer for each line of text. DH_Subtitle automatically creates the box according to the text entered and also ensures the last line of text is always in the same vertical position, no matter how many lines of text a subtitle may contain.

In addition to boxed style, DH_Subtitle has always had the option of drop shadow behind text and with version 2.0 there is a new outline style which puts a line around the text to increase legibility. Also new in this version are controls for text tracking and leading.

System Requirements:
Final Cut Express (v2 and later) or Final Cut Pro (v4 and later).

Pricing and availability:
DH_Subtitle 2.0 is available for immediate purchase from the Digital Heaven online store for US$20.00. A watermarked trial version can be downloaded from the Digital Heaven website. Customers who purchased DH_Subtitle on or after 1st February are eligible for a free upgrade.

Product Page:
Trial Version Direct Download Link:
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Digital Heaven was founded in 2000 by ex-BBC Resources editor Martin Baker. For six years the company provided broadcast post production facilities for clients such as the BBC, Channel Four and many independent production companies. In Summer 2003 Digital Heaven became the first London facility to make the switch from Avid editing systems to Apple's Final Cut Pro and later that year, the first software product, EDL Mirror was released. Since then 14 Final Cut Plug-ins and four other applications have been added to the product range.

In 2005, the company shifted its focus to exclusively concentrate on software development. VideoSpace, a free widget for Mac OS X Tiger which calculates the disk space required for a given duration and codec setting was released in October 2005. Clocking up over 10,000 downloads in the first month of release, VideoSpace was featured as a 'Widget of the Week' and as a staff favourite on Apple's widget download page.

In November 2005, MovieLogger for Mac OS X, an easy to use QuickTime logging application was released followed in March 2006 by AutoMotion, a revolutionary tool for creating multiple versions of motion graphics. 2007 saw the release of Final Print, a workflow enhancement for printing bins and markers from Final Cut Pro.


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