Front Porch Digital Retains FedResults to Support Sales to the Federal Government


Last Updated: March 20, 2008 6:11 pm GMT
(Louisville, Colorado--March 20, 2008) Front Porch Digital, a leading provider of content storage management (CSM) solutions, today announced that it has retained government contracting expert FedResults of Herndon, Va., to support the company’s efforts to expand the reach of its highly successful DIVArchive™ line of products into the U.S. government and defense markets.

“There’s a lot of video accumulated in government -- in the intelligence community, at NASA, and in the Department of Defense, just to name a few examples,” said Jim Beaupre, FedResults chief executive officer. “Managing digital video content is an ongoing government challenge. Because a number of us at FedResults, myself included, have a background in the storage industry, we recognize that Front Porch Digital has an outstanding solution to offer. Now our charge is to bring challenge and solution together.”

Long the global market leader in CSM solutions for broadcasters and other media companies worldwide, Front Porch Digital’s patented technologies recently have been deployed in a wider range of environments that require efficient and cost-effective storage, browsing, and retrieval of media. For example, the Front Porch DIVArchive system has been implemented in the U.S. Senate Television Gallery, where it manages the archiving of video content featuring floor debates and committee hearings to LTO datatapes for long-term storage. The archived content can also be quickly retrieved for day-to-day use.

“Video has become pervasive in government just as it has elsewhere in society,” said Dave Polyard, Front Porch Digital senior vice president of sales for the Americas. “Front Porch DIVArchive has cut its teeth, so to speak, on the demands of the broadcast industry, and now we are uniquely able to support other sectors in their efforts to organize media assets and make them more accessible. FedResults has the relationships, the knowledge base, and the integrity to bring the benefits of our solution to the places it can be most useful within federal government.”

About FedResults
FedResults offers companies a comprehensive approach for increasing their sales of industry-leading technologies and services to federal agencies. By combining its knowledge of the federal procurement process with its acumen in creating business and sales strategies, and the backing of renowned venture capitalists at Monumental Venture Partners (, the company has built substantial credentials as a cost-effective alternative for successful business development.

About Front Porch Digital
Front Porch Digital is the global market leader in Content Storage Management (CSM) solutions. The company has long been an innovator in delivering unique software, services, and integrated hardware solutions for CSM to broadcasters and media companies worldwide. Today, Front Porch Digital’s patented CSM technologies are found in more than 200 installations in more than 45 countries, representing 7.5 million hours of content and more than 50 PB of data under management distinguished for superior functionality, scalability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Front Porch Digital’s award-winning DIVArchive technology manages the largest broadcast archives in operation for the world’s best-known media brands. More information is available at


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