eCinema Systems at the MGM Grand


Last Updated: March 24, 2008 3:19 pm GMT
(Valencia, California--March 24, 2008) eCinema Systems, Inc., manufacturers of high-end color reference LCD monitoring systems announced NAB plans today. The company will demonstrate its product line exclusively at a demo room located in the MGM Grand Conference center.

Company Founder and CEO, Martin Euredjian explained: "It has become increasingly more difficult to create a proper and inviting viewing and evaluation environment within the confines of the LV Convention Center. Taking a cue from the many companies that have chosen alternative venues, we too decided to try a different idea this year."

The company will showcase various monitor lines, including the FX, PRO and much-awaited DPX line. The DPX-class is the only viable CRT-replacement technology in the market for DI and Telecine applications. This monitor line offers deep dark blacks that match or exceed CRT performace as well as higher resolution and color management options.

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