Sachtler Unveils Industry Firsts at NAB 08


Last Updated: April 1, 2008 4:05 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 1, 2008) Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, presents a host of new products including the SOOM multifunctional camera support system, artemis Act 2 C Carbon Fiber Spring Arm Upgrade, artemis Act 2 Vest, Reporter 8LED Light, and the Combi 1-40 Pedestal.

SOOM is the world's first multifunctional camera support system for Mini DV to HDV camcorders. Developed to solve the shooter's dilemma of which type of camera support to transport to studio or location, Sachtler's innovative new SOOM elegantly configures into 4 distinct support tools--all in one compact, easy-to-carry system.

In SOOM TriPod mode, the system's 75mm bowl can be mated to a Sachtler FSB and features single-stage legs providing a vertical height range from 27”-56” and an integrated TriSpread mid-level spreader that delivers stability, even over uneven ground.

For more height, TriPod becomes HiPod, via its integrated center column, the SOOM Tube, capable of telescoping vertically to a variable lens height of over 8'-ideal for shooting over obstacles or crowds.

In Monopod configuration, the SOOM Tube removes from the tripod to function as a monopod sporting a height range of 34”-62”. A fold-away foot bracket allows the operator to firmly secure its base to the floor.

For going low, the TriSpread mid-level spreader removes from the standard tripod to become a single-stage baby tripod with a height range of 8”-19”. This versatile Sachtler system may be reconfigured from one function to the next quickly and easily and without tools.

artemis ACT 2 C Upgrade & ACT 2 Vest
Sachtler unveils the world's first carbon fiber spring arm, artemis ACT 2 C Upgrade and the artemis ACT 2 Vest for popular camera stabilizing systems including the artemis EFP, EFP Pro SDI HD, Cine, and Cine HD.

Working in collaboration with race car industry experts, Sachtler's engineers developed the carbon fiber upgrade for the artemis ACT 2 Spring Arm.. Offering optimal response to vibration, the new lighter weight and torsion-free ACT 2 C Upgrade handles payloads from 24-57 lbs/11-26 kg.

When combined with the new artemis ACT 2 Vest, operation of the camera stabilizing system is optimized. The ergonomically-designed vest now offers a brilliant new padding system designed to offer a comfortable fit for any body type. The ACT 2 Vest features six moveable pads that are smartly designed with a soft wicking core and covered with top grade nylon Cordura. So the wearer stays dry and comfortable throughout the shoot. Furthermore, ACT 2 pads are easy to position and remove for washing.

Both the Vest and Arm feature industry standard connections for compatibility with systems by Sachtler and other manufacturers.

Reporter 8LED Light
Sachtler introduces its first LED on-camera light: Reporter 8LED. This compact, powerful new light fixture requires the power input of just 8 watts yet produces a light output of 34 fc at 3 feet (310 lux at 1 meter).

With an input voltage range of 6 to 24 volts, the fixture is ideally suited for work with everything from compact 7.2 volt HDV camcorders to popular broadcast cameras for a variety of shooting applications.

The Sachtler Reporter 8LED is available in a standard daylight version. An alternate LED module converts the color temperature to Tungsten balanced light output. Optional accessories give the unit a broader application spectrum and allow an operator to change the beam angle.

Sachtler Combi 1-40 Pedestal
The new Combi 1-40 Pedestal is a full-featured, steerable, lightweight and portable camera pedestal. When paired with a Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB fluid head, it provides a 78 lb. (35.5 kg) payload, enough to handle portable style cameras, even those equipped with teleprompters.

Sachtler's Combi 1-40 pedestal sports an air-filled column for a smooth, on-shot ped up of a full 21 inches (54 cm), from 31 to 52 inches (79 to 133 cm) above the floor. It features a built-in pressure gauge and can be filled from a compressor or provided hand pump.

To transport, the Combi 1-40 pedestal can be easily separated into its components: column, steering ring and dolly, without tools. Its shipping weight is 45 lbs. (20 kg) without a case.

Other Surprises
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