Final Cut/LA Welcomes Oscar-Winning Editor Joe Hutshing & Promotes Graham Turner


Last Updated: April 15, 2008 1:08 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 15, 2008) Final Cut/Los Angeles is pleased to announce the addition of Oscar Award-winning Editor Joe Hutshing to its roster. The company has also promoted Graham Turner to editor.

"Joe is smart and has an excellent, dry sense of humor," says Partner Eric Zumbrunnen. "Combine that with his story and pacing skills and his vast experience, and he is a perfect fit for Final Cut LA. I think the compartmentalizing of editors as features or short form is fading away and people are recognizing that a good editor can edit anything. Graham came to Final Cut shortly after we opened the LA office and it was clear that he had the talent and drive to be an editor. He's been cutting more and more so this felt like a natural transition."

"Bringing Joe on board the roster was an easy decision," adds Saima Awan, Executive Producer of the Los Angeles office. "His talent as a storytelling editor of award-winning feature films translates to the commercial world fluently. Making Graham an editor was a natural progression for us, and a move that reinforces our philosophy of promoting from within. He's a gifted young editor who is passionate and dedicated to his craft. We're proud to see him grow from assistant to editor within the FCLA ranks."

Joe Hutshing is a feature film editor who has collaborated with acclaimed directors including Oliver Stone, Cameron Crowe, Spike Jonze, Adrian Lyne, Nancy Meyers, and Robert Redford, to name a few.

Hutshing has received multiple Academy Awards for notable films "JFK" and "Born on the Fourth of July," and was nominated for the Best Editing Oscar for "Jerry Maguire" and "Almost Famous." Other industry accolades include an Emmy Award for "Live from Baghdad," as well as numerous ACE Eddie and a BAFTA award. Most recently, Hutshing was honored by the Hollywood Film Festival as its "Hollywood Editor of the Year."

Final Cut Partner Eric Zumbrunnen reached out to Hutshing about joining the company and translating his experience into the realm of advertising. The two had previously worked together on the Spike Jonze-directed film, "Being John Malkovich."

"I was attracted by the prospect of exploring short-format projects," says Hutshing. "Storytelling is what drives me no matter the medium, and I am excited by the challenge of working in commercials here at Final Cut. I trust my instincts as an editor and get along with people, which is the part of the process I enjoy most."

In addition, Final Cut has promoted Graham Turner to editor, marking the first assistant promotion to editor in the Los Angeles office. For the past two years, Turner has worked on several campaigns for Xbox 360 PGR, Hummer, VW and MSN, the latter of which was nominated at Cannes, as well as music videos for Katy Perry and Strung Out.

Prior to Final Cut, Turner was at Mad River Post where he worked his way up from reception to assistant editor. He was editor on commercials for DC Shoes and Converse.

"I came to Final Cut because I admired and respected the work of Rick Russell and Eric Zumbrunnen," concludes Turner. "Final Cut has been really supportive of me and my career from the beginning. They have always pushed me forward to edit anything I could get my hands on, as well as trying to split packages to help build my relationships and reel. It's a wonderful company with a lot of great, creative people working here."


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