Company X Brings Poignant Sylvia Plachy Documentary & Witty Matthew Modine-Directed Short To Life


Films Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival On April 25th

Last Updated: April 17, 2008 11:14 pm GMT
(New York City, New York--April 17, 2008) Company X Editors Megan Brennan and Terence Ziegler recently lent their talents to two very different films, both of which will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival taking place from April 23rd through May 4th.

Brennan partnered with Director Rebecca Dreyfus of Persistence of Vision Films on the 11-minute documentary, "Self-Portrait With Cows Going Home and Other Works: A Portrait of Sylvia Plachy" about the acclaimed and camera shy photographer. The film will have its New York Premiere at the festival on April 25th.

Ziegler cut the seven-minute narrative short, "I Think I Thought," directed and written by Matthew Modine, who also stars in the film about a man who begins to think too much to the detriment of his marriage, career and life. Luckily, he discovers Thinkers Anonymous, where he learns that thinking is best left to professionals like politicians, religious leaders, and the news media. The short will make its US Premiere at Tribeca on April 25th. It screened last year at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Zurich Film Festival.

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The documentary on Sylvia Plachy was born from a previous collaboration between Rebecca Dreyfus and Megan Brennan. The two had worked on a long-form piece, "Close-Up: Photographers at Work," which was commissioned by Ovation TV and produced by Maysles Films. Plachy was one of the featured photographers, and Dreyfus and Brennan wanted to expand on her story. Albert Maysles, who is featured in the documentary as one of Plachy's photo subjects, shot a portion of the film.

"We felt her life and work were so interesting, unusual and enigmatic," explains Brennan, "and she has an endearing personality. Her photography reflects what she's feeling on the inside. Everything flowed really well. It was such a privilege to work on Albert Maysles' footage. Rebecca and I have similar styles, so our discussions focused on how to capture certain feelings in the footage. We picked up on Sylvia's beautiful essence through this piece. It's apparent that this is her story, told through her own voice and photographs."

"We just fell in love with Sylvia as an artist," adds Dreyfus. "To me, she felt like an inspiration and role model. I wanted the film to be suffused by her spirit, which I found as delightful and mysterious as her work. This was about letting Sylvia reveal herself, in all her complexity, and letting things unfold naturally."

For the witty short, "I Think I Thought," director/actor Matthew Modine turned to Editor Terence Ziegler, who had cut the feature film, "Straight Forward."

"The concept came from Matthew's concern about the future of the country; if people don't think critically about the present, what kind of effect this will have on us in the long run," explains Ziegler. "He was so great to work with. As both a director and actor, he was very open to all of my ideas about a creative approach. There were so many cuts of the film. We really wanted it to be simple and clean and elegant, yet fall together with the right message."

Modine's experience as an actor collaborating with influential directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Robert Altman, and Jonathan Demme informed his approach as director on the film.

"In the edit room, whenever Matthew came up with an idea, he would share his sources of inspiration and what various directors had taught him along the way," concludes Ziegler. "I have tremendous respect for Matthew both in front of and behind the camera. He is talented, insightful and unafraid to tackle tough roles - and it really shows in the quality of his work."

Film Title: "Self-Portrait With Cows Going Home and Other Works: A Portrait of Sylvia Plachy"

Production Company: Persistence of Vision Films
Director: Rebecca Dreyfus
DP: Albert Maysles
Executive Producer/Producer: Susannah Ludwig

Editorial Company: Company X/New York, NY
Editor: Megan Brennan
Assistant Editor: Adam Weiss
Executive Producer: Rachelle Way
Producer: Gwynne Evans

Music composed by Adrien Brody

Audio Post Company: Sugarbox/New York, NY
Mixer: Jeff Slutz


Film Title: "I Think I Thought"

Director/Screenwriter: Matthew Modine
DP: Adam McClelland
Producers: Adam McClelland & Matthew Modine

Editorial Company: Company X/New York, NY
Editor: Terence Ziegler
Assistant Editors: Rob Mead & Adam Weiss
Executive Producer/Producer: Rachelle Way

Music composed by Ben Wolfe

Audio Post Company: Sugarbox/New York, NY
Mixer: Jeff Slutz


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