Citizen Pictures and Red Robot pair up for Crocs national spot


Last Updated: April 23, 2008 8:36 pm GMT
(Denver, Colorado--April 23, 2008) Denver agency Red Robot has selected Citizen Pictures to handle production and post of a national spot for Crocs Footwear. The 30 second "Anthem" spot features a spirited debate of America's views on the polarizing footwear, and is slated to lead off Crocs' national TV ad campaign in April.

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Shot by Citizen Pictures DP Dan Fox in high definition at sister company Base2Studios, the spot features 5 Denver actors, each taking sides on the Crocs "love 'em or hate' em" debate. Citizen Pictures producer Brian Drennan on the concept: "Crocs has certainly polarized consumer opinion on brightly-colored footwear - it's smart of the company to recognize they have lovers and haters. Creating an ad campaign around public opinion of their brand is a breath of fresh air, a nice piece of truth in advertising."

The spot, which features a track by national recording artist Don McCloskey, was edited at Base2Studios by staff editor AJ Koch. Citizen’s CEO Frank Matson, who directed the spot, says, "We had so much to work with it was tough to cut a single :30 commercial, but AJ embraced the rapid-fire attitudes of the actors and put together a hilarious, thought-provoking spot." Base2 graphic artist Chun Lim created original end graphics, and engineer Jeffrey Smith sweetened in Base2's Pro Tools suite.

Citizen Pictures is a nationally-recognized production company, specializing in spot production, network branding, programming and corporate production.

Base2Studios is the region’s premier HD post-production company. With multiple HD edit suites networked together, Base2Studios provides continuous digital workflow for clients looking to move their projects seamlessly between editing, compositing, animation and audio sweetening without sacrificing quality, creativity or efficiency.


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