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Last Updated: May 5, 2008 3:23 pm GMT
(Princeton, New Jersey--May 5, 2008) cmiVFX | cmiStudios. launches its 6th training video for Maxon's Cinema 4d 3D application. The product series has been in development for nearly a year, and is fine tuned to work with a variety of different skill leveled users.

All 6 Videos are available today at the cmiVFX store.
Product Announcements — Cinema 4D Ultimate Learning System VOLUME 6 (Cloth System Dynamics)

Unorthodox Cloth System Dynamics
This video was originally built to showcase the typical dynamics workflow for Cinema 4D. During the research and development of this workflow, based on the high-end needs of large visual effects studios, we stumbled upon a new method of delivering these visuals in real time. "The cloth system for cinema 4d is truly amazing", says Michael Marcondes. (Lead C4D Artist at cmiVFX) We were able to showcase a feature rich tutorial set in this "slightly longer than normal" video project. We are so pleased with the results of our findings, we bumped up our release date so that some of our television based artists could get the workflow into their next commercial season. Without further ado, here are some of the basic points covered in this video:
  • There's Always Room For Jello
    Nature is complex and delicate to replicate, filled with forces that affect everything around us. Soft Body simulations are one of the key elements in Computer Graphics that can make your audience believe what they see. Learning how to control the intricate subtleties of these micro movements will give you the ultimate power as an animator or effects artist! Our objective here is to teach you a way to build stable, predictable simulations without losing any time wondering what the next steps are.

  • Rope Bridge Rigging
    When we look at a scene like a Rope Bridge, we are perplexed about how to contain the multiple chain dynamics while maintaining a solid single object animation. With a step by step approach, we guide you trough the process of setting up the bridge rig to react to all the major forces of nature. Most importantly, we explain our process as we go along.

  • Proxy Geometry Substitutions
    Understanding how to build a low resolution version of your rig that reflects the essence of your animation in the high resolution version is essential for any animation production. After this process is done, the animators can interact with the scene a lot faster without eating up computer resources.

  • Scene Management
    On every big project, one of the most important things to worry about is how to organize it in a way that is manageable. There should always be a way to find objects that you want to work on without breaking the scene structure. When you have a rig as complex as the bridge, it is crucial to protect it. We show you how to make it strong and clean for the animators to use and decipher!

  • Rig Precision
    With all the dynamic elements from bridge in place, and in all its glory, it is important to keep the controllers of the rig simple and efficient. This is the time to test the setup and make sure it is working without any issues. If something is wrong, this will be the phase to catch it in.

  • Xpresso Controllers
    With the rig ready, tested and stable, it is time to add user interface controllers that will allow the animator to quickly change the rig feedback performance. Using Xpresso, Cinema 4D's visual expression paradigm, we create a step by step node based solution for the advanced animation and environmental controls. This level of control allows the animators to quickly create multiple previews for a director in near real time.

About The Trainer
Michael Marcondes is a Brazilian independent artist that has been working freelance for the past 7 years internationally. He worked on hundreds of projects ranging from print to broadcast using a great variety of tools like Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, PfTrack, Fusion and Shake. He has a strong passion for the detail in lighting, shading and rendering. He is in love with a good render!

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