Boom Director Brandon Dickerson Travels To Narnia With New Switchfoot Video


Last Updated: May 7, 2008 9:23 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 7, 2008) BOOM director brandon dickerson has just completed the latest Switchfoot music video for the band's new release "This Is Home." The song was written exclusively for Disney's highly anticipated feature release of "Prince Caspian" in theaters May 17th.

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dickerson has collaborated with the band on three previous music videos including last year's innovative animation/stop motion hybrid "Awakening."

After seeing an early cut of "Prince Caspian" dickerson came up with a concept born out of the way the Pevensie siblings get back to the fallen world of Narnia: They enter an underground railway station that mysteriously transports them to this magical land. The idea was to draw a parallel between this, the film experience, and that of the Switchfoot performance in an underground Los Angeles metro station. The metro trains provide a motivated transition in and out of the "Prince Caspian" footage in a way that highlights both the film footage and the band's performance.

"Music videos for feature films have the challenge of merging two forms of pop culture - music and film - with a third art form, the video" says dickerson. "This is an instance where each part is enhanced and complements each other to create a new whole. Everyone is thrilled at the result."

dickerson, a fan of shooting on film, chose to shoot this video using the RED ONE camera, due to the projects tight turn-around. By working in the 4k realm there was no delay in the editorial process and visual effects could be immediately integrated.

"I believe in selecting the right technology for the job, but still came to this with a healthy dose of skepticism because of my passion for film," notes the director. "We approached the shoot the same way we would using film, with the exception of being mindful of contrast and over exposure. I was impressed that we were able to create a distinct look with RED that worked incredibly well with the 35mm footage from "Prince Caspian."

About BOOM:

BOOM is the sound of a supersonic craft as it jettisons into space. It is also the music video company powered by the Crunch, Sparkle and Pop of director brandon dickerson. Countdown, blast off, adventure, happy landing.

dickerson drives his passion for storytelling by pursuing a variety of creative talents beyond commercials and music videos, to include documentaries, screenwriting and photography. In the vein of a true "creative content" master- dickerson has served as both director and photographer for commercial campaigns, putting his imprint in both the film and print world for such clients as Famous Footwear and Converse. And in the music video world, he is often called on to shoot album covers and has done so for such artists such as Jeremy Camp, Matt Redman, and the band Everyone.

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