th1ng creates Toshiba ad for online laptop promotion


Last Updated: May 13, 2008 10:07 pm GMT
(London--May 13, 2008) Award winning animation studio, th1ng has been commissioned by Grey Worldwide, to create a series of high quality video adverts to promote Toshiba’s latest innovative range of high performance laptops online.

th1ng’s director, Daniel Cohen storyboarded the concept, planned and shot the videos using a high resolution camera in stop frame animation. Grey wrote the script.

The brief involved creating a series of three amusing but high quality shortform video clips. The key message was to highlight the superb performance of the new Toshiba Satellite series and its low price to the consumer sector.

Because the videos were for digital use only the whole creative process had to be very different to the more conventional approach.

Cohen explains: “Online promotional videos differ fundamentally from typical TV adverts. This meant we had to create something clever and catchy, short, funny and compelling, so much so that it would deliver a truly digital media/online experience”.

“So, far from just creative TV-making we invented a trio of concise, charming stories with an amusing animated magnifying glass character that is at the heart of all three videos,” adds Cohen.

Each of the three animated movies focuses on a different laptop feature.

The first one introduces the magnifying glass, strolling along a shelf of laptops in a shop. When he comes to the new high spec Toshiba Laptop, he examines it and sees some of its key features, and when he checks the price he theatrically faints in disbelief.

The second and third clips narrate further adventures of the magnifying glass and focus in more detail on the laptop’s major features including web camera with face recognition and Harman Kardon stereo speakers.

Dominic Buttimore, th1ng executive producer said: “Although we have been seeing a sustained gradual growth of shortform video production for online promotions it is clear that the great majority of productions significantly lack quality content. We are an animation studio with strong film credentials, and we leverage this when creating adverts, the difference in results is significant.”

The whole movie series was entirely edited and composited in-house at th1ng’s studio including planning, creative thinking and shooting.

The movies can be seen at


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