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Post Boutique Grading Series for Discovery & Channel 5; Takes Aim at Features

Last Updated: June 17, 2008 4:21 pm GMT
(London--June 17, 2008) Splice, a post-production boutique located in Shoreditch, has acquired a Baselight HD from FilmLight and has already started to offer colour grading services to its clients.

The company, which also provides editorial, compositing, visual effects, finishing and audio services, made the move both to expand its service offering and to open new markets. The ability to perform high resolution grading will enable Splice to pursue more work in high-end commercials, documentaries and music programming, and seek feature film work for the first time.

Splice’s acquisition of Baselight is a key element in a broader growth plan. The company, which was founded in 2003, recently moved into a new facility featuring, among other things, 16 editing suites. Future plans include the construction of a DI grading theatre, with Baselight as the centrepiece, as well as a 5.1 Dolby-certified audio mixing suite.

“We conducted extensive research and concluded that Baselight is the only system that offers unprecedented performance and fits perfectly within Splice’s existing non-linear, file-based workflow. Baselight is also resolution independent and able to handle anything we throw at it from SD to 4K including MXF & DNxHD,” said Splice co-founder and partner Damian Dolniak. “It also accommodates our future plans, which include adding film grading as part of our comprehensive post services for features. In short, Baselight ticks the grading box very nicely for Splice.”

As Splice has grown, so too have requests from its clients for colour grading services. “We have found our niche at the high-end of the market for documentaries and other quality programming,” said Splice Director Duncan Western. “We’re a facility where clients feel that they can get personal service and have access to high end talent and resources. In selecting a grading platform—as with everything else—we’ve gone with the best and Baselight is the ‘Bentley’ of grading systems.”

The system is already up and running at Splice who have used it on several projects, including final grading for Brits Who Made the Modern World, a new documentary series for Channel 5, and Chop Shop, a reality series for Discovery.

Baselight is currently integrated into a workflow that also includes an Avid® DS Nitris finishing system. Colourist Chris Rodgers is the senior Baselight operator and is employing the two systems as a complete solution for finishing projects for broadcast.

Splice plans to implement new technology developed by FilmLight, this will allow Baselight and Avid® DS Nitris to operate in tandem in an entirely tapeless workflow. Projects will be finished faster and allow the artist to take full advantage of the individual strengths and toolsets of each system. “It will allow us to edit on Avid and then point Baselight to the same media without going back to tape,” said Rodgers.

Splice conducted a thorough review of nonlinear colour grading systems before selecting Baselight due to its reliability, toolset and widespread acceptance by the company’s client base. “Baselight is solid, well-built kit,” Rodgers observed, “They didn’t have to sell it to us, FilmLight’s engineering staff have great confidence in the quality and performance of the product.”

Western added that Baselight also has a lot of aesthetic appeal. “Baselight’s Blackboard panel is a million miles above all the others,” he noted. “Clients are impressed when they see it.”

The speed of Baselight has already begun to pay dividends for Splice, enabling it to keep pace with its growing workload and maintain the reputation for service that has fuelled its success.

About Splice
Formed in 2003, Splice is Shoreditch’s premier facility for creative post-production, offering specialist services to the broadcast television market. With a wide range of services in both picture and audio, Splice provides a complete post-production solution. Splice’s state-of-the-art facilities include non-linear editing both in standard- and high-definitions, sound, design and effects, and 16 suites working at both offline and online resolutions. Splice is located at 21a Perseverance Works, London. E2 8DD. For more information, phone +44 (0) 20703399944 or visit

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FilmLight is a manufacturer of film scanning, colour grading and colour management systems that are helping to transform film and video post production and setting new standards for quality, reliability and performance. The company’s products are in use every day by leading post production facilities around the globe as essential components in their digital intermediate, commercials and video production pipelines. Fuelled by some of the industry’s brightest minds, FilmLight is committed to delivering innovative tools that allow creative professionals to work at the forefront of the digital media revolution. Founded in 2001, FilmLight is headquartered in London, where its research, design and manufacturing operations are centred. Sales and support are conducted through regional service centres located in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Auckland and Singapore, and through qualified partners worldwide. For more information visit


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