Cine-tal Systems Completes Acquisition of cineSpace


cineSpace color management technology will be integrated with Cine-tal’s display management software, forming a comprehensive solution for color and monitoring management.

Last Updated: August 5, 2008 10:12 pm GMT
(August 5, 2008) Cine-tal Systems, a leading manufacturer of image processing, display and collaboration solutions used in digital cinema and video production, has completed its acquisition of the cineSpace color management technology and product line from Rising Sun Research (RSR).

Cine-tal is continuing to develop and market cineSpace as a standalone solution for color management in visual effects and DI. Cine-tal Systems and Rising Sun Research recently conducted a joint demonstration with cineSpace supporting display profiling and matching LUT generation using Cine-tal’s eL1000 and Cinemage product lines.

cineSpace is the most widely used color management technology for film and television production. It is employed by production and post production facilities worldwide to ensure that all of their displays match and conform to a specified output medium, such as a particular film stock or video format. It ensures that the images artists see on their screens are identical to how they will look when projected in a movie theater or shown on television.

cineSpace was developed by RSR, a specialist provider of 'visual context' software solutions, to solve color monitoring and color space inaccuracies on movies. RSR was originally formed as an independent spin-off from visual-effects company, Rising Sun Pictures, to commercialize innovative solutions to problems in the visual domain, and is now an independent, privately held company.

Cine-tal Systems is integrating cineSpace software technology with its own display management software that has been in development for several years. “By combining our display management software with the cineSpace color management software, we are providing a comprehensive solution for color management and display management,” said Cine-tal Systems CEO Rob Carroll.

The combined technology will allow users to ensure consistency of image quality when content workflow passes through several color space requirements and is viewed on different display systems. The tools will assist customers with any variation in image display when content moves from one phase of production to another, from one facility to another or from one type of display technology to another.

“We are taking a proven, well-conceived technology in cineSpace, building interoperability with our hardware products and extending its function through our software technology,” said Carroll. “The extended functionality within cineSpace will allow our customers to manage their color space and their display systems. It will provide our clients with a strategically optimized solution.”

Cine-tal’s display management technology is still in development. When completed and integrated with cineSpace, it will provide companies involved in film and television production with a solution to manage the vast profusion of display devices available today, as well as those that will appear in the future. “We are committed to providing our customers with the very best technology for collaborating, processing and displaying visual media,” Carroll said.

Cine-tal Systems engineers have been working with RSR’s development team for the past nine months to develop integrated solutions. cineSpace version 2.7 is due to be released in August, and includes the ability to profile display systems using Cine-tal’s display processors such as the eL1000.

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