Stock Footage To Pave The Way In The Creative Industry


Ribbit Films, A New Creative Industry Leader

Last Updated: August 21, 2008 6:00 pm GMT
(New York City, New York--August 21, 2008) Ribbit Films, the leading provider of pre-keyed stock footage, announces clips that can be downloaded and used immediately in a pre-packaged format that’s convenient, cost-effective and ready to use.

Better known for the ‘green screen’ effects produced in such films as “SinCity” and “300,” the stock version enables a designer to manipulate the footage into whatever scene they want. From its uses in commercials, films, and online, pre-keyed footage is rapidly changing the way the industry works. All a designer has to do is search for the action they want to add to their script, download the clip to their computer, and add the action to their existing clip.

How fast is this industry moving? Navarre Joseph started Ribbit Films in 2004. At the time Ribbit was one of the first stock footage houses around. Today, it’s the industry leader in providing high-quality, pre-keyed footage to designers and creative directors for use in the creative industry. “We’ve seen the industry really grow and shift into a fast-paced business rather quickly,” says Navarre Joseph, President of Ribbit Films. “Today, we’re working as fast as possible to collect great footage that we can prepare for the immediate use of the industry’s creative masterminds.”

With a company like Ribbit Films, creative directors, film editors, directors, producers and designers can purchase a pre-keyed film clip of virtually anything – from a fight-scene to people walking down a street – and within hours, enhance a commercial, film or website into something more. Best of all, they can do it for less than the cost of a client dinner.

Ribbit Films was started by Navarre Joseph and Thomas Jamieson in June of 2004 as the first stock footage company to target the visual effects and motion graphics markets with pre-keyed footage. Today, it is one of the largest and most respected sources of pre-keyed High Definition footage. Its product can be seen in commercials for such companies as Adidas, Ford, Microsoft, and Apple to add dimension to their advertising, and in a wide range of film production.

Primarily serving motion graphics artists in such creative industries as advertising, film production, and flash development, Ribbit Films is known for delivering high-quality film clips that can immediately incorporated into commercials, films, and online flash movies. The process is most widely known for augmenting the production value of such films as Sin City and the recently released 300.


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