Inlet Technologies and NetBlender Knock Down Barriers to Blu-ray Production


Last Updated: September 16, 2008 3:47 pm GMT
(Raleigh, North Carolina--September 16, 2008) Inlet Technologies, the leader in advanced encoding solutions for new media, announced today that it is partnering with NetBlender, makers of DoStudio software for professional Blu-ray authoring, to bring high-quality Blu-ray Disc production within the reach of every studio.

Inlet’s latest release of Fathom®, an advanced encoding platform, produces files in any of the codecs that Blu-ray supports.

“In the past, smaller, independent production houses faced barriers to the creation of high-quality professional Blu-ray content because of the high equipment cost,” said John Harrington, NetBlender CEO. “Working with Inlet, we are helping to eliminate that digital divide by providing a more economical solution for this growing market that wants to take full advantage of Blu-ray technology and all it has to offer.”

The joint Inlet/NetBlender solution should help propel the growth of Blu-ray by enabling a much greater variety of content for the new HD format. According to market research firm Futuresource, U.S. consumers are expected to buy 45 million Blu-ray Discs by the end of 2008, up about 400 percent compared to last year.

Typecast Films and VoloHD are leveraging Inlet’s Fathom and NetBlender’s DoStudio to satisfy customer demand for BD. Typecast Films, an independent film production and distribution company, recently released its Academy Award and Emmy-nominated documentary “Iraq in Fragments” on Blu-ray Disc. The company partnered with VoloHD for HD production work and encoding.

“This is our first foray into the Blu-ray Disc market and we would not have been able to do it without the technology and support from Inlet and NetBlender,” said Joshua Warren of Typecast Films.

“It was very important to the integrity of ’Iraq in Fragments‘ that the Blu-ray encode be faithful to the color and depth of the original film master. The film has a unique blend of color, modern cinematography and editing - the dynamic nature of the film makes for a very complicated job for an encoder,” said Marshall Riser with Volo HD. “We've been very impressed with the quality and detail achieved with the use of Fathom.”

Fathom and DoStudio together provide Blu-ray Disc authors with an easy-to-use, collaborative solution for creating high-speed, high-quality professional Blu-ray Discs without the costs associated with other solutions.

About NetBlender
NetBlender ( was founded in 2005 by a team of veteran producers of interactive media. The company creates platforms for the seamless blending of static and real time content in which each device performs its optimal role, resulting in the most enriching viewer experience. NetBlender strives to provide technical and practical leadership in the emerging new media universe.

NetBlender’s DoStudio BD Authoring Edition (DSA) is a complete Blu-ray authoring tool that is designed specifically for DVD authors who are making the transition to Blu-ray Disc. Unlike prosumer Blu-ray tools that only provide DVD style menus, DSA is a full-spectrum Blu-ray authoring tool with built in pop-up menu creation.

About Typecast
Typecast Films’ goal is to produce and distribute high quality independent documentary and narrative films that challenge cultural and political misconceptions about the modern world. Typecast Films diverse, award-winning collection includes “Iraq in Fragments” (Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature in 2007), the Emmy nominated Libby, Montana and Nacer Khemir's visually-stunning Tunisian epic Bab'Aziz - The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul.

Through both traditional and industry-challenging methods, we aim to bring quality films featuring international perspectives not often explored in modern cinema to movie screens and into people's homes throughout North America. Visit Typecast on the web at

About Volo HD
Volo HD is an innovative high definition video production and Blu-ray / DVD authoring studio with a deep background in the film and music industry. Our mission is to present the moving image with a focused blend of detailed imagery, a simplified user experience and enhanced storytelling. Recent projects include full production of 'HD Moods' - An immersive four-disc Blu-ray series shot in 4k with the Red One Camera™, the Blu-ray edition of the PBS documentary "Chihuly in the Hotshop" and an HD restoration of Yousef Chahine's 1950's classic thriller “Cairo Station”. For more information visit

About Inlet Technologies
Named to Frost & Sullivan’s Hot Company Watchlist and recipient of Digital Content Producer’s NAB 2008 Pick Hit award, Inlet Technologies is the leading provider of advanced encoding solutions, enabling new media for new networks. Inlet solutions produce the highest quality video, faster and more efficiently than any other solution. Inlet allows content creators, programmers and distributors to increase production efficiency, reduce costs and deliver superior quality video over any Internet Protocol (IP) network. Inlet’s award-winning line of products – Spinnaker™

Professional Streaming Appliances, Armada Workflow Management System, Fathom® Advanced Encoding Solutions and Semaphore™ automated quality control software – scale seamlessly from mobile to web to high-definition. Inlet solutions are ideal for applications such as real-time professional streaming, Blue-ray encoding, Video-on-Demand, Web-based video, digital archiving and dailies. Inlet customers, such as, Modern Video and Microsoft are able to expand their audiences and create new revenue from their valuable content. For more information, visit


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