New Industry Support Adds Momentum to Panasonic's P2 and AVCHD Technologies


Last Updated: September 16, 2008 7:30 pm GMT
(IBC- Amsterdam, Netherlands--September 16, 2008) IBC2008 saw several important developments for Panasonic, with the announcement of partnerships with Autodesk, Apple, and Adobe to develop support for Panasonic's solid-state P2 and AVCHD technology, and the news that Sony has included compatibility with P2 in its XpriNS editing platform.

Summing up the show, Jaume Rey, Director of Panasonic's Professional & Broadcast IT Systems Business Unit, emphasises the accelerating industry momentum for the P2 and AVCHD formats. "Our aim from the beginning has been to show the industry that P2 and AVCHD deliver benefits that go way beyond previous technologies — it is what we mean when we talk about real HD, real IT, and real flexibility. Broadcasters, filmmakers, production houses, and facilities throughout Europe have embraced these benefits with growing enthusiasm, and we are very pleased that at IBC we've been able to welcome Autodesk, Apple, and Adobe's support for IT-based production with Panasonic solid-state cameras."

Panasonic has promoted IT-based production through a process of market education and an unparalleled dedication to its customers. Mr Rey continues that "our belief in the necessity of adopting IT-based production is absolute, and we show that commitment by delivering the best possible service to our customers. We never forget that they work under pressure and really appreciate the reassurance a close relationship provides. And, as the P2 and AVCHD community grows day by day, it's great to see developments such as the new Panasonic website, where filmmakers can showcase their projects and see the high quality of work other users are producing."

Panasonic's IBC2008 D-Cinema presentation highlighted some of the most exciting and creative work of the year, with extracts from British, Italian, and Spanish productions introduced by their directors, who described the workflows and methods they employed using P2 products.

"For Panasonic, IBC2008 has been a celebration, with great support from other manufacturers increasing the buzz around P2 and AVCHD. It's been the perfect opportunity to meet existing and potential customers — with a large influx from Eastern Europe and the Middle East this year — and to build on our excellent network of distributors," says Mr Rey.

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