Eyeball Spots For Discovery Project Earth Show When 'What If' meets 'Why Not'


Design Firm Helps Discovery Channel Promote Its One-Of-A- Kind Geo-Engineering Special Series

Last Updated: September 18, 2008 3:53 pm GMT
(New York City, New York--September 18, 2008) Discovery Channel always aims to capture the sense of the world's wonder and awe. In the tradition, Discovery recently tapped design firm Eyeball to concept and design promos for a new, progressive show called DISCOVERY PROJECT EARTH, a show that implements bold ideas to combat global warming.

The series will conclude its run this Friday, September 19 at 9pm e/p.

Once again refusing to fit a common look, Eyeball reached for a new aesthetic, animating conceptual ideas like wrapping a glacier in a blanket and putting windmills in the clouds -- visuals that communicate the ''blue sky ideas'' that are being tested on the show.

The challenge was to give each of these ideas an interesting visual without giving away what happens in the shows. To do so, Creative Director Jory Hull and the Eyeball team created a visual journey of how an idea moves from concept through execution, in this case literally seeing a simple notebook sketch come to life as living, breathing experiment.

''We wanted to tap the emotion of what these scientists were thinking -- how they thought through these projects -- and then watch each idea fly off the page and into the lab,'' said Hull. ''Some of the ideas are pretty far fetched. Just like the show itself, there’s real anticipation to see if these ideas will actually work.''

Melding design aspects to actual footage from the show, Eyeball worked hand-in-hand with the creative team at Discovery. The end designs were used across all mediums -- from broadcast to web to print packaging.

''It was a pleasure to support James Hitchcock and his entire team -- we really enjoyed collaborating on this beautiful piece,'' Limore Shur, Chief Creative noted. ''We consider it a privilege to work with Discovery. There is a high bar set when it comes to designing work that is showcased under their brand. We enjoy exceeding those expectations.''

About eyeball:
Eyeball is a multifarious design company located in New York City. For 16 years, the team at Eyeball has designed and produced compelling strategic communications for corporations, broadcast networks and advertising agencies. Their work ranges from commercial and film direction to branding, experiential, and interactive projects. Learn more at http://www.eyeballnyc.com/

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Creative Credits:
James Hitchcock - SVP, DSC Marketing & Branding Officer
Dan Bragg - VP DSC Creative
Heather Roymans - DSC Director, Marketing
Tyler Korba - Supervising Producer
Kevin Lahr - Production Manager
Meghan Beno - Project Manager

Limore Shur - Chief Creative
Jory Hull - Creative Director
Mike Sullo - Head of Production
Erica Hirshfeld - Producer
Mitch Paone - Lead Designer
Jake Sargeant - Designer
Mara Smalley - Designer
Ghazia Jalal - Designer
Jerry Liu - Lead Animator
Ayato Fujii - Animator
Johan Wiberg - Animator
Anthony Jones - Lead 3D Modeling/Animation
Nick Schentinkin - 3D Modeling/Animation
Jin Yu - 3D modeling/Animation
Brian Douglas - Editor


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