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Last Updated: September 24, 2008 3:35 pm GMT
(New York & Minneapolis--September 24, 2008) Twist has signed Director Matt Pittroff to the production company's diverse talent roster. A comedy/storytelling director, Pittroff was short-listed at this year's Cannes Lions Awards for his work with the Baltimore Aquarium.

The announcement was made this morning by Twist Executive Producer Amyliz Pera.

According to Pera, Matt Pittroff is a perfect addition to the company. "Matt has a very strong voice and style," she notes. "We are excited to represent an as-yet undiscovered talent, who has such a large and consistent body of high-quality work on his reel. Having owned his own production company, Matt is also very team-oriented, which is a perfect fit for Twist. Our goal now is to introduce Matt and his work to clients nationally, so they can benefit from his incredible talent."

To view Matt Pittroff's new reel, including one of the Aquarium of Baltimore spots honored at this year's Cannes International Advertising Festival, click here:

Matt Pittroff embraced directing as a way to marry his talents in visual arts, collaboration, communication, and people-watching. Pittroff began his directorial journey after enrolling in film classes at Syracuse University while studying oil painting. He moved on to the film program at Towson University in Baltimore, where he met two other like-minded young artists that later formed the directing team Truckstop. While in college, the trio created a short film called "Entrepose," which screened at several prestigious festivals and garnered positive press reviews, likening the work to Director David Lynch's cult film "Eraserhead."

After school, Pittroff worked at the in-house production department of ad agency Trahan, Burden & Charles in Baltimore as an Associate Producer and often behind the camera. He then left the agency world, and worked his way up through production as a freelancer in the art department doing production design and working in a set shop. Via the Truckstop team, Pittroff was finally able to devote himself full-time to directing. After several years together, the Truckstop triumvirate decided to pursue their solo interests, so Pittroff launched his own production company in Baltimore called Working Stiff. To date, Pittroff's commercial projects via Working Stiff have garnered numerous awards, and have been featured several times in, and eight times in the well-respected column, "The Best Work You May Never See," in "Shoot" Magazine.

Pittroff, an up-and-coming talent, acknowledged many times over, has distinguished himself with consistently lovely art direction and style. He is called upon for his subtle approach to performance-driven creative, and has a penchant for finding the comedy, however dark, in almost any story. He truly enjoys his work and loves to collaborate with an inspired team to rediscover the original essence of an idea. Pittroff has aspirations to delve into other areas of directing, but will always love telling a thirty-second story.

For Pittroff, the impetus to join Twist is as straightforward as the Director himself. Twist will provide him the opportunity to take his career to the next level, providing exposure to new clients and creative. "Twist is a good choice for me at this stage of my career," explains the Director. "Because Twist has a diverse roster, I believe my talent and work will get a good amount of attention and dedication. My hope is that I will be able to stretch out a bit creatively. I love short-form filmmaking. It is my passion. I absolutely love what I do, and am fully committed to every project. I hope this partnership with Twist will allow me to meet new clients in different parts of the country and beyond, so I can continue to have the greatest job in the world: creating compelling stories and visuals."

About Twist:
Twist, a North American production company, was founded in 1997 by President Jim Geib. The company has been able to remain competitive in a global marketplace from offices in New York & Minneapolis. From its inception, Twist has been dedicated to a team model, which supports a directorial roster of diverse talents and skill levels. The team structure allows new talent to develop while experienced directors stay fresh. This provided an ideal environment for the launch of Twist's Content division, created to address project development and production for the variety of emerging needs -- from entertainment to educational. A recent addition to this division is a focus on "New Media." Working closely with the Commercial department and the Twist cadre of directors, this leg of our company features works for Target, General Mills, & Apple. It has recently recruited new talent to augment the Twist brand with credits including: BMW Films, Brawney Academy, & Nordstrom Silverscreen. One of the notable projects developed by this division is an unprecedented HD/3D film entitled "Mars 3D," in cooperation with NASA for the worldwide museum community. The Twist brand is recognized the world over for its high-quality production values and client service.

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