coolux Media Systems Pandoras Box Media Server 4.1 Sets New Standards for Real-Time Video Playback


New Release of Acclaimed Media Control System Enhances Power, Accuracy, and Quality of Video Playback in Complex Multimedia Productions

Last Updated: September 25, 2008 5:18 pm GMT
(Agoura Hills, California--September 25, 2008) coolux Media Systems today announced the release of Pandoras Box Media Server software, version 4.1.

This newly enhanced version of the company's award-winning real-time 3-D compositing and rendering system is equipped with a series of added features that extend users' power and flexibility in live video playback applications. Among the additions to the software's robust feature set is the latest Pandoras Box (PB) Warp Engine, video processing capability with field- and frame-blending, and new HD and SD de-interlacing options on the system's ultra-low-latency HD/SD-SDI input cards.

"Pandoras Box software was developed to remove technical constraints from the creative aspects of projection and multimedia design," said Steve Gilbard, president of coolux International. "Version 4.1 of the software builds on this idea, providing users with even more power and control in realizing their vision, regardless of the application. Exciting new tools for image-shaping, frame-blending, and de-interlacing bring unmatched functionality to Pandoras Box, simplifying media playback onto complex shapes, adding greater accuracy and adjustable playback speed, and helping users maintain optimal image quality throughout their productions."

The PB Warp Engine is a unique image-shaping tool that enables quick and accurate projection of complex objects onto almost any shape and surface. Through the engine, the output from multiple Pandoras Box servers can be adjusted for real-time compositing and reproduction from any number of projectors onto curved or non-planar screens. The simple adjustment of complex shapes via B├ęzier curves allows for parallel curves and single-point editing. Utilizing an adjustable resolution to permit easy modification of curves and editing points, Pandoras Box software sets a new industry standard for video playback, while matching even the most demanding screens and structures.

With the PB Frame-Blending feature now included in Pandoras Box software, operators can adjust the speed of video playback continuously and in real time. In processing slow-motion playback, the software calculates new frames in real time to match the actual frame rate. This function is vital when playback speed must be matched to music or used to track the motion of dynamic video scenery. Until now frame blending had been restricted to video with non-embedded audio. With PB Frame-Blending, this is no longer the case as audio is now handled in real time, as well.

Version 4.1 also incorporates an HD and SD field-based de-interlacing function that provides maximum resolution through computing and recalculating of all available fields. Unlike conventional top- and bottom-field de-interlacing methods, the technique employed by Pandoras Box recalculates all fields and blends them in real time. This approach maintains picture resolution while preserving all fields and frames, in turn enabling smooth video playback on progressive displays. All Pandoras Box Media System products now include de-interlacing options for top-, bottom-, and full-field blending, giving users the tools they need to address various image compositing issues on the fly.

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