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Last Updated: October 1, 2008 6:59 pm GMT
(October 1, 2008) New York-based full service editorial and post-production powerhouse Cutting Room Films, formerly known as Cut+Run NY, announces its recent evolution.

The award winning shop is now independently owned by artists and editors. The recent change in ownership following the buyout places top editors in charge of the company led by Editors Chuck Willis and Mike Douglas, as well as EP Susan Willis. Cutting Room Films was founded as a creatively run company that emphasizes its work with extreme attention to every detail of the post process in an uncompromised effort to deliver highly-personalized, unique client experiences. The shop maintains the same talent, location, infrastructure, and approach that have generated a long line of awards and significant success with major advertising campaigns for brands such as Bank of America, Mastercard, Adidas, Lipton, Pizza Hut, Verizon, New York Lottery, Subaru, GMC, Continental Airlines, Sharp, Mercedes, Ford, and Saturday Night Live. In addition to Chuck Willis and Mike Douglas, Cutting Room Films' editors include: Jon Grover, Joel Miller, Chris Hellman, Merritt Duff, and TG Herrington.

Editor Chuck Willis notes, "Cutting Room Films is the latest in the evolution of our work, our growth, and our identity. We worked really hard to build up a shop that offers meticulous, highly-personalized service and that approach allowed us to grow into a standalone creative team that is able to handle any project." As part of the shift, Mike Douglas will be joining the company as a partner with founders Chuck and Susan. He explains, "I am very excited to be partnering with Chuck and Susan Willis. Chuck and I have a great history and collaborate really well together. The transition to a company of our own was a natural progression and we all are really excited for what is to come."

Commenting on the Cut+Run NY to Cutting Room Films evolution, EP Susan Willis adds, "We're thrilled to continue to build on the success we created over the last few years with all of our editors here in New York as well as the talent we've added from the London office." The impressive roster at Cutting Room Films includes these two recent additions from London, Joel Miller, who just finished two major international Sharp campaigns, and John Grover, who edited Mastercard's Elephant and is slated to work on an upcoming project for Honda.

Together, Chuck, Mike and the rest of the Cutting Room Films team have developed a reputation as one of the most talented editorial shops in the industry, uniting a positive, client-focused approach with a comprehensive, detailed process that focuses on every frame of film. Chuck adds, "As a company, we strive to keep our minds open to innovation and visual discovery. Film is an organic, evolutionary medium that must always be explored creatively and with client collaboration to really find and create the best cut." While the core of their business is offline editorial with a significant focus on advertising, the editors works across all forms and formats including traditional broadcast, features, documentaries, virals, and webisodes.

Cutting Room Films also delivers VFX, sound design, and online services to support their core editorial efforts. Their artists' most recent editorial work includes groundbreaking campaigns launching Bank of America's new identity, a Sharpie spot featuring David Beckham, projects for Sharp and Mercedes, a music video for Sophie Delila and the documentary Alicia in Africa, a non-traditional project for Alicia Keyes' charity Keep a Child Alive. In addition to earning highest honors at the New York Aids Film Festival for Alicia in Africa, Cutting Room Films artists have been honored with nearly every award in the industry including Clios, Gold Lions, Addys, Andys, AICPs, London International Awards, and even an Emmy nomination.

About Cutting Room Films
Cutting Room Films, formerly Cut+Run NY, launched in 2008 as company principals bought out the entire division from their former corporate parent, returning the firm to the creative roots of the artists. With a mantra rooted in the passion for bringing film to life, the creatively-driven editorial and post-production company delivers original collaborative solutions for every client's unique needs. Cutting Room provides editorial, VFX, sound design, and online services for all forms of filmed content. Giving full attention to the subtleties of every shot detail, sound, and frame of film, the Cutting Room team offers a passion and dedication to personal service and exceeding visual storytelling expectations.

Cutting Room Films is all about the finished product, working in all forms and formats across advertising, feature film, documentaries, and online. Experts in both new and traditional media forms, the award-winning studio has contributed to highly-successful and well-recognized campaigns for brands such as Sharp, Mercedes, Sharpie, Lipton, Adidas, Malibu International, and Bank of America. The company's artists have won nearly every possible award including multiple Gold Lions, Clios, Addys, Andys, AICPs, an Emmy nomination, and recognition from the London International Film Festival. Cutting Room is led by Partner/EP Susan Willis, Partners/Editors Chuck Willis and Mike Douglas, as well as Principal Editors Jon Grover, Joel Miller, Chris Hellman, Merritt Duff, and TG Herrington.

Editor Chuck Willis
Renowned editor Chuck Willis has an impressive track record of success. As President and Owner of Cutting Room Films, he launched and leads a creatively-run editorial shop that carries his visual passion and unwavering focus on delivering personalized client experiences. The company continues to build on the powerful reputation Chuck developed while heading Cut+Run NY, where he lent his expertise to major campaigns for brands such as Bank of America, Sharpie, and BMW. Chuck's many industry honors include Clios, Gold Lions, Addys, Andys, AICPs, London International Awards, and an Emmy Nomination.

Before co-founding Cut+Run NY in 2005, Chuck started several editorial and post production shops, including Crew Cuts, Quietman, and Buzz, gaining nearly twenty-years experience and building on a long string of successes. His notable works include Little Caesar's Focus Group (Cliff Freeman & Partners), Pepsi's Boy in a Bottle (BBDO) and Nike's Frozen Penny from the Lil Penny campaign (Wieden + Kennedy).

Chuck graduated from Emerson College with a B.F.A. in Film & Television.

Editor Mike Douglas
With an extensive background working on large-scale campaigns for big brands, Editor Mike Douglas will be partnering with the Willis' and adds significant depth and experience to the Cutting Room Films team. Through his impressive career, Mike has developed a reputation as one of the most talented and sought-after editors in the advertising industry, cutting a series of award-winning and widely-recognized spots. As both a Partner and one of Cutting Room Films' key editors, Mike will continue to lend his creative talents to each of the shop's editorial projects. Most recently, Mike has completed highly-successful projects for Mercedes and Bank of America's ground-breaking new identity campaign.

Prior to joining the team at Cut+Run NY, he worked at Mackenzie Cutler editing award-winning campaigns such as Snickers Not going anywhere for a while? and numerous Superbowl spots including the iconic E-Trade Monkey spot. Mike got his start in commercial editing at Eventime as an assistant before transitioning to non-linear editorial at Crew Cuts with the introduction of Avid. Mike received his B.A. in Film at Boston University.

EP Susan Willis

After years of successful projects, Executive Producer Susan Willis has earned her place as a leader in the industry. Prior to founding Cutting Room Films in 2008, she co-founded Cut+Run NY to reemphasize the creative aspects of the editorial process. Susan is currently producing Alicia in Africa, a documentary for Alicia Keyes' charity Keep a Child Alive. Before that, as Senior Producer at BBDO NY, Susan produced for clients such as Pepsi, Sierra Mist, M&M Mars, FedEx, Frito Lay, Visa, Office Depot and Pizza Hut, garnering awards and recognition including a Bronze Lion, and a London International Award. Susan recently wrapped a documentary, titled Alicia in Africa, which won highest honor award at the New York Aids Film Festival (NYAFF). The film is slated to open up the Festival on December 6th, 2008.

Susan got her start as an Assistant Producer at Grey Advertising, quickly working her way up from a receptionist position. In her spare time, she enjoys serving her NYC community at the St. James Homeless Shelter.


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