Announcing ShotPut Pro™--Automated Offloading of Any Digital Media


Last Updated: October 24, 2008 5:03 pm GMT
(Carmel, Indiana--October 24, 2008) Imagine Products, Inc. announced today the release and general availability of ShotPut Pro™ a new, automated offload application. The Pro edition offloads any video media including Panasonic P2 and AVCHD cards, Sony SxS, RED ONE and other digital media cards in a single application.

ShotPut Pro™ may also be used with any removable media such as CF, SD, or other memory cards for digital still photography.

Makes secure, verified copies at top speed without the overhead of Finder or Explorer. Available for Macintosh or Windows (PPC or Intel-Mac; Windows XP or Vista operating systems).

ShotPut Pro™ features Manual (Single card or volume) mode and Auto (Multiple card or volume) mode. Simply insert the card into a PowerBook or Notebook’s card slot, or plug in a mountable volume or card reader, and ShotPut Pro™ makes secure, verified copies of the volume's contents in up to three (3) locations.

ShotPut Pro™ features convenient integration with your favorite external DVD or Blu-ray™ disc burning application. Just program the ‘Burn Now’ button within ShotPut Pro™ by selecting the link to the burn application. ShotPut Pro™ will automatically set the first offload destination (on the manual and automatic dialog tabs) to your temporary ‘Burn Folder’. When offloads are complete, click the ‘Burn Now’ button on any of ShotPut Pro™’s dialogs to launch the disc application. ShotPut Pro™ for Windows also offers direct control of a Rimage Producer (Nasdaq: RIMG) disc production system for automated archives.

"We expect event videographers will particularly like the ability to make fast, multiple copies of their AVCHD or still photography memory cards" said Dan Montgomery, President of Imagine Products. "Being able to easily burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc for the client and archives will also be a popular convenience feature."

ShotPut Pro™ makes a printable activities report log of all the file transfer activities. This text file shows all the details including names of volumes and files, the copy destination names, file sizes, duration of each transfer and aggregate transfer time, date, etc. A great way to document and organize your project and billable time.

Why Use ShotPut Pro™?
  • Any HD Digital Media: ShotPut Pro™ offloads any card type including P2, AVCHD, SxS, RED ONE and others.

  • Digital Media: ShotPut Pro™ offloads still image media including RAW, JPEG, and TIFF files.

  • Copy Cards or Disks: The contents of any mountable hard disk, drive or memory device can be copied--including still photography CF, SD and other memory cards.

  • Fast Copying: Perform copies at top speed without the overhead of Finder or Explorer.

  • Automatic or Manual Copies: Manually select one or more drives to copy. Or use the auto offload mode to sequentially copy cards upon insertion.

  • Archive: Send a copy directly to a "burn folder" for the Rimage Blu-ray/DVD duplicator system. Or link your favorite disc application for easy one-button "Burn Now" functions.

  • Easy Folder Naming: Save time and improve consistency and organization by auto-naming the copy folders.

  • Improve Workflow: ShotPut Pro™'s multi-threading technology makes up to 3 simultaneous copies at the same time.

  • Reformat Cards: After offloading is finished, automatically reformat (erases) and renames the card so it’s ready to return to the camera.

  • Security: Verify byte-to-byte comparisons of your media copies to ensure integrity of the files.

  • Verification Report: Create a printable record of file transfer activity, how the copies were named, time, date, etc. Save complete details for project organization and billable time.

  • Error Checking: Prevents overwriting of existing folders. Checks available space in destination locations.

  • Progress Bar: Displays overall percent completion and file-by-file progress during the copy process and warns of any problems.

  • Compatible with Your Camera: ShotPut Pro™ works with named or un-named cards of any size. Copies any volume (hard disk, card, or other memory device) containing media.

  • Trusted Source: Imagine Products, Inc has been supplying video cataloging and archiving software applications for over 17 years.

ShotPut Pro™ is a single user, single computer, download application. Help and Users Guide in PDF format available. When you purchase, the serial number provided may be used with either the Macintosh or Windows versions of the software. Available now. Just $89.00. Buy Now!

Imagine Products, Inc. develops high value, innovative digital logging tools, video analysis solutions, archiving systems and asset management software for video professionals. Imagine Products' corporate headquarters is located at 1052 Summit Drive, Carmel, Indiana 46032, USA. The company can be reached by phone at (317)-843-0706, by fax at (317)-843-0807, or on the web at


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