Mekanism and Ribbit Announce Alliance at Adobe MAX Conference


Last Updated: November 18, 2008 5:38 pm GMT
(Adobe MAX-San Francisco, California--November 18, 2008) San Francisco-based Mekanism and Ribbit announced a strategic marketing and development partnership between the two companies at Adobe MAX in San Francisco Monday, November 17th.

At the conference, the companies are sneak-peaking a jointly developed series of mobile community prototypes to show what now can be done with branded mobile content. The partnership brings together what were previously web-based flash features with mobile phone interplay, furthering the advancement of Mekanism's interactive and mobile content development capabilities.

Pete Caban, CEO/Head of Digital at Mekanism, comments "Ribbit's platform promises a variety of new creative possibilities for our multi-platform viral campaigns. Mekanism is all about getting communities to engage with our digital brand experiences, but mobile development has historically been challenging." Caban continues, "Ribbit's Flash API is making it very easy to integrate mobile viral features into our branded content and applications - allowing us to keep pushing into deeper forms of interactive brand storytelling. Mekanism and our clients are very excited about the new realm of possibilities that will come from this partnership with Ribbit and BT."

"We're very excited to be working with a partner as creative as Mekanism," said Ted Griggs, Ribbit CEO. "They represent the leading edge of innovation and are already coming up with solutions we never would have thought of. Our platform was designed from the onset to let developers and agencies integrate voice and communication features into their projects to bring new value to their customers, and Mekanism is doing just that."

About Mekanism
San Francisco-based Mekanism is a collective of film, animation & interactive content creators telling brand-related stories across emerging media platforms. They entertain and inspire measurable brand loyalty by imparting a unique passion and zest for creative storytelling to commercials, branded entertainment, features & integrated campaigns.

About Ribbit
Ribbit is Silicon Valley's first phone company. Our mission is to liberate voice from devices, and integrate it into the workflow of life, both business and personal. By providing a world-class telephone carrier infrastructure and the first open platform for Internet and voice developers, we foster innovation across the entire telephony marketplace, from the development of leading-edge consumer voice services to the integration of voice with the world's best business applications. Ribbit is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Ribbit is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT. For more information about Ribbit, please visit


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