Cache-A Licenses Quantum’s A-Series Storage Technology For Professional Video File-Based Workflows


Last Updated: December 3, 2008 3:44 pm GMT
(Morgan Hill, California--December 3, 2008) Cache-A Corporation, a professional video storage solutions provider, today announced that it has licensed A-Series technology from Quantum Corporation, the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archive.

Cache-A will develop future generations of A-Series storage solutions for professional video file-based workflows based on industry standard LTO (Linear Tape Open) tape drives. A-Series technology products offer professional video customers networked storage systems that are simple to deploy and allow users to easily transfer their content to secure, portable, exchangeable LTO tape cartridges.

Cache-A’s initial product will be an LTO-4-based tabletop model available by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention in April 2009. The Cache-A LTO-4 A-Series drives will hold 800GB per cartridge, the equivalent to more than 60 hours of 25 Mb/s Standard Definition or more than 15 hours of 100 Mb/s High Definition (HD) content. The Cache-A LTO-4 A-Series drives will also provide fast file transfers over Gigabit Ethernet in excess of 80MB/s.

“Today’s professional customers using video file-based workflows need robust portable storage media for content exchange, backup and archiving,” stated Phil Ritti, President & CEO of Cache-A Corporation. “We will extend the current base of LTO-based A-Series technology into future generations of products to provide a critical layer of data tape storage in a professional video storage system.”

A-Series technology provides networked storage direct to data tape. This solves a critical need of professional video users by providing an economical, archive-quality media on which to store their file-based content. Every tape cartridge contains a directory of its content, making each one a self-contained asset repository that can be shipped around the world and stored for long periods of time. The contents can be retrieved regardless of the application or software environment that stored it.

The A-Series technology has won many prestigious industry awards over the past four years and has been integrated into digital video acquisition, digital film and postproduction file-based workflows. Cache-A’s product roadmap extends the A-Series technology to future generation LTO tape drives and across a variety of product offerings.

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About Cache-A Corporation
Founded in 2008, Cache-A Corporation is dedicated to the development of innovative, low-cost backup, archive and recovery solutions for professional video file-based workflows. The company’s founders -- Phil Ritti, Mark Ostlund and Tom Goldberg -- were key members of the A-Series development, sales and marketing team and have extensive experience in providing innovative solutions for professional video customers.


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