SpectSoft Releases Software/Component Version of Rave Products


Last Updated: January 14, 2009 5:52 pm GMT
(Oakdale, California--January 14, 2009) SpectSoft LLC., a leading provider of uncompressed video solutions on the Linux platform, announced the release of the Rave product line as a software version.

Rave is a Linux based solution geared towards multi-user, high-end, frame based workflows. Working natively with DPX frames and supporting features specific to the needs of moving uncompressed frames around a facility, Rave is offering flexibility to facilities that other products have not. Designed to be agnostic with the hardware and networks it connects with, Rave is offering facilities multiple options for putting it to work in the pipe-line.

Rave first emerged in 2001 and has since found its way into many high-end facilities worldwide. Created to change easily with the industry, Rave continues to grow and expand its very specific feature set. Designed to emulate a deck, while offering the flexibility and benefits of a file server, Rave is offering facilities an easy, inexpensive way to maintain a fully uncompressed digital path. “Keeping Rave easy to use, yet powerful is a huge goal of ours,” comments Ramona Howard, COO and Co-Founder of SpectSoft. “It's exciting to have witnessed the growth of this product and even more exciting that we are making the step to put it in more peoples hands.”

Current Rave systems allow DPX frames to immediately be playable as video, no matter where they originate from. Supporting up to 2 individual SDI streams of 4:4:4, simultaneously for record or playback, Rave also supports Fiber, 10Gb and Infinband for pushing/pulling data from other sources. “This plays a large role in the development that is in progress now,” states Jason Howard, CEO and Co-Founder of SpectSoft. “The ability to be raster independent and to scale in real-time is just around the corner with Rave.”

Currently supporting industry video standards from SD to 2K, Rave now also supports converting DPX frames to other formats, both uncompressed and compressed. Rave has the ability to be used in every facet of the industry and with the ability to automate just about any function on Rave, users can now take some processes and fully automate them, saving time and money. “Rave has always been about flexibility and workflow, giving customers the tools they need, not just a bunch of fluff.” adds Howard.

Details on all of the SpectSoft products, purchasing options and user base can be found at www.spectsoft.com

About SpectSoft
SpectSoft, LLC The brainchild of a mother and son team, was founded in 1997 to serve the film, media, and broadcast industries. Since its inception, SpectSoft has worked on technical projects with some of the industries biggest and brightest companies and continue to push the envelope and further the state of the art in the film pipeline process. Throughout the years, SpectSoft has been able to maintain a relatively small footprint and the family values and ownership that make it so unique.


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