Chyron Launches Lyric PRO 7


Last Updated: January 16, 2009 8:05 pm GMT

Chyron, the leader in graphics services, has started shipping the most revolutionary version of its Lyric PRO graphics software package to date – Lyric PRO Version 7.

Lyric PRO 7 is the most powerful solution available today with commanding new feature sets which continue to transform graphics creation, playout and workflow. Direct support of Adobe’s XMP metadata and Autodesk’s FBX interchange formats (both industry-firsts), make Lyric PRO 7 the must-have, online and offline graphics solution.

Highlights of Lyric PRO 7:

FBX® Importer delivers unprecedented levels of interoperability with Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Maya® for the Lyric PRO 7 authoring environment. The FBX® Importer maintains all original polygon meshes, geometry, UVW mapping coordinates, hierarchy, lights, cameras and animations within the Lyric scene. Let the 3D designer work in their familiar environment and use Lyric PRO 7 to play out the scene in real-time.

Adobe® XMP® metadata integration provides graphics data management without the need for external data bases. Adobe® XMP® gives the ability to automatically extract data to populate multiple text and graphic templates within the Lyric PRO 7 messages.

Adaptable Primitive Geometry brings enhanced element creation tools into Lyric PRO 7 for generating bar and pie charts that are essential for live election coverage and real time statistical display. Adaptable Primitive Geometry provides 3D object creation and manipulation without leaving the Lyric Canvas.

Intelligent Transitions² makes Interactive and Persistent messages react differently to one another depending on what is already displayed on the output. Intelligent Transitions² enables for complete flexibility in the ever changing “Live” television broadcast.

Virtual Output for Offline provides ultimate power and flexibility when working in an offline environment. Users can preview Intelligent Transitions² and Persistent Messages from their desktop or laptop to validate playout on an Online system. Virtual Output for Offline is an example of Chyron helping you reduce the cost of producing stunning graphics.

Please note: Lyric Version 7 is not supported on legacy generation AJA or Matrox configured systems. Please contact Chyron customer support or your Regional Sales Representative for details.

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