Feature Film, ‘Made In China,’ Shot In P2 HD, Takes Top Honors At South By Southwest Festival


Last Updated: March 24, 2009 1:21 am GMT
(Secaucus, New Jersey--March 24, 2009) Judi Krant's debut feature, "Made in China", has won the Grand Jury Award in the narrative feature competition at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, which ran through March 21 in Austin, TX. The movie was shot in its entirety with an AG-HVX200 P2 HD handheld camcorder on location in Texas and Shanghai.

Made in China, which premiered at the festival, follows a Texas novelty inventor, Johnson, who travels to Shanghai. Determined to bring his big idea, a humorous “domestic hygiene product,” to an awaiting public, Johnson journeys to the mecca of the novelty world, where anything is possible and everything has its price.

“Shooting a low-budget indie in mainland China guerrilla-style is a fairly dicey proposition,” said filmmaker Krant, who shares the screenwriting credit. “The HVX200 allowed us to be nimble and efficient while filming in the busy streets of Shanghai.”

“We shot for 15 days in Shanghai and five in Texas, and everyday we were constantly moving,” Krant continued. “We covered at least 25 locations in Shanghai alone, and about 10 in Texas. There was a lot of sweat involved.”

“My DP and I did considerable research before choosing the HVX200,” Krant said. “I was thrilled to find a camera within our budget that would shoot HD quality and at 24 fps. You always want the best image acquisition you can afford and, working on a micro-budget, we were delighted by the picture quality we achieved with the HVX200.”

Made in China was shot at 720/24fps, with many of the set-ups using natural light. The feature was edited in Final Cut Pro, and digitally projected at SXSW.

“Throughout the festival, we had very favorable comments on how high the production values of Made in China are, and the Grand Jury Award was, of course, the ultimate compliment,” Krant added.

SWSX screened 133 feature-length films including 57 world premieres. For more information, visit www.sxsw.com.

For more information about Made in China, visit www.micthemovie.com.

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