2009 Reddot Awards Acknowledge Four New Products from LaCie for Exceptional Design


Last Updated: April 1, 2009 12:01 am GMT
(April 1, 2009) LaCie announced today that it has won three Reddot Design Awards2009 and an honorable mention for exceptional product design across multiple market categories. Winning products include designs by Neil Poulton for the LaCie 5big Network and LaCinema Rugged, as well as the LaCie Flat Cables designed by ITEM.

Also receiving an honorable mention were the LaCie PCI Cards, design by Sismo.

The LaCie products were selected by an international jury of design experts from among more than 11,000 entrants from 60 countries. The Reddot Award is organized by Essen's Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, and is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world.

"LaCie is honored to work with a variety of exceptional designers that allow us to push the limits of innovative product design," said Philippe Spruch, LaCie Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "It is truly remarkable to receive recognition for so many products, especially those that reside in such distinctly different categories."

LaCie 5big Network – design by Neil Poulton – has a Gigabit Ethernet connection, as well as Hi-Speed USB and eSATA expansion ports. The 5big Network features five hot-swappable drives and seven RAID modes, all in a compact, aluminum cube design. It supports browser-based access and includes a management system that allows users to quickly set up the 5big Network to share, store, and access data between Windows, Mac and Linux users.

LaCinema Rugged – design by Neil Poulton – is the first of a signature line of multimedia products that allow users to directly connect the hard drive to a TV using HDMI. This product has leveraged the award-winning design of the original LaCie Rugged Hard Disk, but features a black exterior and multimedia functionality. It boasts up to 500GB of capacity and is compatible with all popular media formats.

LaCie Flat Cables – design by ITEM – are a practical and fun new line of products for the home and office. The colorful LaCie Flat Cables bring functional improvements along with a stylish new look to the ubiquitous and often-cumbersome computer cable. Available for eSATA, FireWire, and three types of USB connectors, the LaCie Flat Cables naturally lie flat on work areas, eliminating the clutter and coiling of normal cables.

LaCie PCI Cards – design by Sismo – are a new line of PCI cards that distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique design and streamlined usability. LaCie PCI Cards offer huge benefits to customers looking to upgrade their desktop computers with additional peripheral connections for Hi-Speed USB, eSATA, and FireWire. All cards feature plug & play installation and hot plug/unplug support for maximum convenience.

The winning LaCie products will be displayed starting June 29, 2009, in a special one-year exhibition at the Reddot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. The Reddot Design Museum houses the largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design worldwide with more than 1,000 exhibits spanning 13,000 square feet, and drawing 120,000 visitors each month.

About Neil Poulton
Neil Poulton was born in Thurso, Scotland. A graduate in Industrial Design from Edinburgh University and Milan's Domus Academy, Poulton first came into public view in 1989 as the creator of "the ageing pens," pens made from a "living," wearing plastic that changes color and form with use. Today, Neil Poulton designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients including LaCie & Artemide. Since 1991, Poulton has lived and worked in Paris, France. http://www.neilpoulton.com.

About ITEM
The ITEM creative team, based in Paris and London, specializes in all aspects of design for consumer electronics products. ITEM's recent projects have included hi-tech toys, mobile phones and user interface concepts. Item offers a complete range of services including strategic guidance, concept generation, product design, 3-D modeling with advanced CAD/CAM software, model making and industrialization. At item the aim is to make the tag 'designed by ITEM' synonymous with flair, creativity and that elusive enchantment factor that makes objects a pleasure to own and use. http://www.designedbyitem.com.

About Sismo
The Sismos, Antoine Fenoglio and Frédéric Lecourt, are an industrial design agency located in Paris and Lyon. Since 1996 they have developed a unique approach to design that blends style renegadism and industrial know-how with high fidelity to client branding. In a wide range of industrial fields, the Sismos conduct a "complicity of wits" with clients while rejecting the elitism of "style design" in favor of innovation. Sismo designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients. http://www.sismodesign.com

About LaCie
Located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology. Established in France in 1989, LaCie is listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). For more information, visit http://www.lacie.com.


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