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Automated selection, sign-up and account management available for multiple usage levels from free to paid premium services

Last Updated: April 6, 2009 4:24 pm GMT
(San Francisco, California--April 6, 2009) Market7, Inc., a provider of web services for collaboration in the development and management of creative content, today introduced convenient self-service access for the company's flagship service for online video collaboration. provides a set of web modules that can be utilized for collaborative elements of video production, from conceptualization and planning, through scripting and storyboarding, and onto post production

All of the video.Market7 capabilities are now available at a range of subscription levels, from free to premium, accessible from

"Market7 has emerged with valued web services for video collaboration by continuously evolving based on our customers' usage and expressed interests, and this launch of e-commerce functionality is a direct result of that," says Seth Kenvin, CEO of Market7. "We are introducing a free offering so that the full range of video.Market7 features can be used on an initial project which we expect will motivate many participants to take advantage of our sophisticated, convenient and flexible tools for assessing, selecting and managing higher capacity level offerings."

video.Market7 subscription levels include the free Production Assistant offering with unlimited use of all video.Market7 features for an unlimited period of time by a five person team. Premium levels range from Associate Producer with 500MB of storage space and a single account administrator that could be appropriate for an independent video producer, up to Executive Producer with 15GB of storage space and four account administrators, which is designed for larger entities like ad agencies, television studios or communications efforts within major corporations. The higher levels allow Market7 customers to make their own branding and logo prominent so that video.Market7 integrates as an aspect of their own service. All priced levels can be further customized with additional storage or administrative seats, users can switch among levels or discontinue services at any time, and Market7 provides analytical capabilities to assess price and capacity impact of customers' account decisions based on their actual use of the company's services.

Market7's launch of e-commerce services culminates a full year of video.Market7 use for live video production projects. These include post-production of television series, interactive DVD development, training by federal government offices, and a range of corporate efforts such as multi-language promotion of new offering launches, training partners on technical integration, tradeshow production, and web site enhancement. Valued video.Market7 capabilities include construction of a brief as a planning document, iteration on script development, including storyboard incorporation, and review of footage in post-production for consensus on editing direction, among other features. Market7 has developed a keen sense of the particular interests and uses of across its broad range of customers who collaborate in video production. This understanding is reflected in the pricing and capacity tiers that Market7 is introducing.

"For projects of any size, we have found that the Market7 tools go all the way through the entire production workflow and make us more efficient, allowing us to collaborate from wherever, and whenever," says Brent Bye, director of media of which produces video for automotive enthusiasts. "With video.Market7, everybody involved in a project has something clear to refer to and knows what they're trying to achieve because it's right in front of them. We run every single project of any type or size through it and can't live without it."

More information about subscription levels Market7 is launching and capabilities to directly order from the company's web site can be accessed at Further description of the functional capabilities of video.Market7 web services is at

About Market7, Inc.
Market7 addresses needs of corporations and other organizations as they expand use of video for marketing, recruiting, support, training, content commercialization and other purposes, but often find the production processes to be confusing, inefficient and expensive. The company's online environments are for all of the collaboration between video producers, their clients and any other parties involved in the process. This includes features for overall project management, conceptualization, script development and footage review. These aspects of video.Market7 web services have been used by dozens of organizations for hundreds of production projects. More information is available at


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